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    Phase 2: Re-construction.

New Year so new cribblog but work continues to put back the shower. Will keep adding to the top of this file as progress gets made.

   15 March 2020.

Not much by way of pics at the moment but have been busy painting, installing the new leisure battery and lowering the water heater chimney.

New boards installed.


Hoping that the heater flue is now low enough for the lift bridges on the Oxford canal to clear it. The black bit can also be removed if necessary but then we won't look like ♉Steam Boat Willie.

   25 February 2020.

In the last few days I have cleaned up the rusty boat bottom and applied a liberal coating of ♉Hammerite paint. This of course needed a trip to ♉Wickes where I bought a large container of Hammmerite paint thinner and was tempted to ask at check-out for a polythene bag and a rubber band as well but decided it would be wiser not to as I might be banned from the store and I needed the stuff to clean my brush.

In doing the painting on the bottom and under the cupboards especially, my nose was right in the paint tin all day so when I got home my evening wine tasted of ♉trichlorethylene. At least that is what it reminded me of, I don't actually know what is in the ♉thinner but its smell reminded me of my research project at Buffalo University in 1970, when I spent an inordinate amount of time scrubbing my diffusion pump components with the stuff.

This is from The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (♉NIOSH) website
Trichloroethylene (CICH=CCl 2) is a colorless liquid with a chloroform-like odor.Trichloroethylene may cause irritation to the eyes and skin. Exposure to high concentrations can cause dizziness, headaches, sleepiness, confusion, nausea, unconsciousness, liver damage, and even death.

All of which apply to me! [Well almost, or not just yet. Also applies to exposure to wine.]

a liberal coating of ♉Hammerite paint.

   18 February 2020.

The plan for to-day had been to simply install the bits of wood I had pre-cut at home as skirting board and to tile the inside wall of the shower. Well things didn't quite work out like that as I still had the problem of the gaping hole behind the toilet and the boards I had brought for the skirting just looked too deep. So I would 'just' [the most dreaded word of married life] remove the next plank and fit a short replacement to finish off the toilet end. Oh and 'just' take out the three new boards that don't quite fit for some reason and get them so that they did.

Those who know about 'just' will not be surprised to learn that I ended up 'just' ripping up all the boards as far as the 'salon', and then removing sodden insulation and the rotting plywood that constituted the original floor. Of course the ply isn't quite as rotten as one would like so its a hard job on hands and knees tearing it to bits in the confined space under the counter tops. Anyway, 'tis' done. We will 'just' have to put up with the higher counter tops until the end of the cruising season.

Soggy old plywood floor.

But then the boards under the sink have to come out ... and then the next section as well.

Did we really want to do this?



All cleaned out and ready for a bash at the mill scale. Impressed by the quality of the cross girders.

   15 February 2020.

Just about finished the woodwork, still needs a bit of snagging here and there but the major work is done now. Need to tile inside the new bit of wall and go round the joins with bathroom seal. Then a good application of sandpaper and get some paint on it.

The observant may have noticed that the control lever for the shower is now in the more conventional position being underneath the controller. I didn't think it mattered much when I put it on but working in the shower got a nasty surprise when I accidentally knocked against it and got well soaked with cold water.

Shower door in place, closed.

Shower door open.


   9 February 2020.

Water back on! There is a raging gale outside but all warm and cosy inside even if a bit noisy with the wind buffeting the ropes and stern covers. So pleased to have the water all hooked up again as have been able to do the washing up and clean things, but not too many just yet.

Shower installed.

New sink.



   3 February 2020.

Finally finished the tiling, with just one and some odd looking bits left. I think there were only about three that didn't need any cutting at all which is why it has taken so long. Still have the sealing to do around the joins.

Daffodils and snowdrops outside although whether they will survive the ministrations of the CRT grass cutters remains to be seen, the patch nearest to Cribbit got blasted last week these just about hanging in.





Can spring be far away?

   29 January 2020.

Bit more tiling and plenty of cutting in. The tiles are from ♉plastic tiles.

Back wall of the shower, even more fiddly bits still to do at the top.



   28 January 2020.

Started on the tiling, slow work as lots of fiddly cutting in. My shower stall is not as square as one thought or would have liked. A combination of poor woodworking, wobbly wood from Mr. Wickes and boat shaped boats..

Started on the tiling.

These are ♉plastic tiles to keep the centre of gravity low.

Port side complete, ran off in search of more adhesive. Too close for a proper pic.

   18 January 2020.

Now for the side wall.

Well actually the first job was to get the door in.

Lined up and sort of vertical, hard to tell on a boat.


Side wall in place.

Boiler back where it should be.

   15 January 2020.

Back wall of the shower now in ... the tricky bit as it all had to be fitted round the sloping side and gunwale. Hopefully, the rest will go a bit faster.

Handy holes allow for ventillation.

All of the back wall now in.

   12 January 2020.

Finished the replacement floor to-day so the whole place feels much nicer.

New floor in place.


Just trying the new shower tray for size.


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