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   Walks to Cropredy 27 May

When I first got the mooring at Cropredy I thought I might walk to and from Cribbit on her mooring there. In fact I only managed it a couple of times before xmas. The trouble was that each trip was with a car full of stuff either going but also coming back and it was just impractical.

Now that lock down restrictions have eased a little I decided it was high time I got some exercise so I left the car at Cropredy yesterday and walked home and then walked back this morning. The weather is lovely and the canalside lush. It's a bit fraught meeting people as the towpath is very narrow but fortunately there have not been many folk about. I did have one altercation though, with a swan, it was sitting in the middle of the path and refused to move or let me past. Skirted round it in the end, it was a juvenile from last year and still retained some of its brown plumage.

When I got to Cribbit I did my usual check around and noticed muddy footprints across the solar panel. Somewhat annoyed that a muddy duck didn't wipe its feet.

Somewhat annoyed that a muddy duck didn't wipe its feet.


Crab apples, I think, that dropped into the muddy towpath in the autumn, now heading towards becoming fossils.



Noticed 'The Green Man' and rather pleased to see their portrait of the Meakon.

When I got closer, the Meakon turned out to be a shrimp net ... need my eyes testing.

How the cygnets have grown.

   Lock down. 18 May

My second visit this month. Co-incided with Dusty the fuel boat but as we haven't been anywhere or done anything, nothing needed by Cribbit. Tried to get an informal pic of the swans but they are so human oriented that poking my nose out for a better pic just brought them rushing to my door which was just not the pic or outcome I wanted.


Dusty the fuel boat servicing one of the liveaboards.


   Lock down. 14 May

I have not been able to get to Cribbit for two months, the longest I have left her since I bought her in 1993. She looked very nice and inviting in the spring sunshine.

I have not been able to get to Cribbit for two months, the longest I have left her since I bought her in 1993. She looked very nice and inviting in the spring sunshine. Replacement pump on the roof.


When I got on board, I found the two [loose] side hatch covers on the floor and the utensils and whatnot by the hatch strewn in confusion. Decided that someone must have gone past a bit fast.
The spiders seemed to have had a nice time while I have been away but otherwise things were as I had left them.
Batteries at 14.4volts and the ammeter just flickering as the controller kicks in and out, so not overcharging as had been a concern.

Got under the stern cover and to my surprise and pleasure found the bilge to be relatively dry, with less water in it than when I left her. This had been a major concern over lockdown as I had the [replacement] automatic bilge pump in the back of my car so fortunately its use had not been needed.

I had expected that by now I would have been able to clear up the rust and get a coat of paint on in the engine room. This has been promised ever since I had it power cleaned at Aldermaston.

Found the bilge to be relatively dry.

Fitted the new pump although it took longer to persuade its connecting wires into the length of hosepipe than to do the actual fitting.

While I was in the bow well, a 'worthy' passed by and proceeded to give me a lecture on the dangers of wearing a face mask and advising me not to do it. I told him that I was not wearing it for my benefit but to protect him! Then I went below so as not to have an argument with him.

We do seem to have a new dent, just below the side hatch.

It is a bit of a mystery how this could have been done though as it would need a mighty swipe.

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