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 In the year 2021

15 August 2021
Please don't feed the horses

   Please don't feed the horses ... they may change into sheep.

05 August 2021

What with lockdown and inertia there hasn't been much to blog about just lately but storm Evert brought torrential rain and a visitor! The rain started while I was taking a shower and the noise of it hitting the roof convinced me that something had gone wrong with the water pump or the boiler. All seemed to be working OK and then I realised it was just a bit of rain. When it had all calmed down, I realised that I had a visitor.

   I realised that I had a visitor.


As I had cleaned the window the day before I did just wonder if it would be able to find anything to eat.

  I did just wonder if it would be able to find anything to eat.

   Left it's calling card.

11 May 2021

I am about to move to ♉ ♉ Kington 2 links in Herefordshire and have been over there looking over my new demense. I've always liked Herefordshire, the green pastures and the red earth.

On my first visit there years ago I realised that things were just a little different in a nice way. I stopped for petrol and as is usual with me looked around for the toilet but was a bit mystified as to where it was. The most likely looking door had a sign on it 'yer tis' and so it turned out to be. With this in mind I was overjoyed to drive past this bungalow also aptly named.


5 April 2021
Easter sunday.

  Some kind person has left me an Easter egg ... how good is that?


♉   Elsewhere on the cut, real eggs are hatching.

9 March 2021
More daffodils

   ♉   Daffodils

Finally, the sun has come out on the daffodils and I've been able to take a photograph of them in sunshine instead of mudshine. ♉   They were first written up on 13 February before they came out came out. So it looks like my attempts to protect them have been succesful so far.

   ♉   Daffodils



  Cropredy is also popular with surfers.

27 February 2021

   ♉   Daffodils

♉   Two weeks ago I did a Little Old Man post about protecting the daffodils, well to-day the first of them came out. Others are out all over the village but these special ones are just coming out now on the nicest day of the year so far 14C outside and bright sun.

   ♉   Daffodils

  We also have crocci


20 January 2021

Finally getting round to updating cribbitDOTnet after six months of turmoil starting with me moving back on board Cribbit permanently. Spent a lot of time putting down a replacement floor, rust proofing, re-ballasting and generally converting her back to liveaboard rather than cruising mode.

I'll do some cribblog posts soon to show progress but using the laptop is a bit fraught at the moment as it draws about 3amps and the solar panels aren't giving more than 2.5amps on a bright and sunny day and nothing much on a dreary dark rainy day like today.

  Newly tied up at my new mooring in ♉ ♉ Cropredy 2 links

I am enjoying being moored at Cropredy especially as we are moored very close to the scene on the jigsaw that Margaret and Terry gave me some time ago. They bought it at a second hand market stall in ♉   Stoupa and I have had a go at reproducing it with my camera. More work needed on this I am afraid.

  The jigsaw puzzle.

  200 metres away from my mooring ... the jigsaw puzzle.

  Cropredy Lock

  Bought on ebay Cropredy Lock postcard

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