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About this document

This hypertext document has been hand-crafted in vanilla html with RaspBERRY sauce by Chris Leadbeater for Jason Lee-Dear.


Chris can be contacted by e-mail at cleadbeater@netscape.net
his website is at: cribbit.net

Jason can be contacted by e-mail at: jasondear@hotmail.co.uk
His agent can be contacted at: fabnewfaces@yahoo.com

Our thanks to my sister Alex for the use of one of her sea paintings, used on the home page. Others may appear later.


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How this website works

The site is accessed from the options on the home page. These options are also repeated in the lefthand side bar.
Recent  work  Photographs and links to recent productions.
Biog  Brief biographical details.
Filmography   List of all Jason's productions, stage and screen.
Studio    Pics   Some studio photographs.
Lifestyle  A glimpse of Jason when he is not filming.
Jason  NoW!   What Jason is doing NoW!
On    location   A look behind the scenes.

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Links to all the options on the home page and navigation links back to Jason's home page and his host home page.

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How to contact Jason and links to his agent and other agents with information about Jason.
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