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Adham Fisher

Our friend Adham visits rapid transit systems around the world with the aim of visiting all stations on the system in the shortest possible time. These webpages are about his adventures on each system.

Wherever he goes, he generates lots of local interest. Photographs from some of his trips are below but better, read the original articles and access other links from the left sidebar.

All Adham's attempts are meticulously documented to conform to the Guiness Book of Records standard. He has what he regards as an essential kit for a tube/subway/metro record attempt. His high visibility on the systems make him a great advertisement for these products.

The kit

-*-Trainers by Adidas from -*-Sports Direct
-*-WHSmith 44 sheet A6 notebook
-*-Casio Wave Ceptor radio controlled watch
-*-Canon PowerShot A75 digital camera
-*-T-Mobile G1 Android smartphone
-*-24 Hour Stopwatch
-*- Tesco 6 Litre Hydration Rucksack
-*- Map of New York subway system
-*- The ultimate New York City Navigation app.
-*- Chicago L Shirts
-*- Transit Tees
-*-Travelling Gnome, the only one to offer corporate sponsorship so far.

Contact Adham

e-mail:   directionoftravel@gmail.com

follow him on Twitter at:   -*-Direction of travel      -*-1000 stations
Read his blog at:   -*-Direction of travel

Pics and links

Tube Kulture
Adham takes part in
Tube Kultura - Seven London Underground Mavericks

Adham wearing his sponsor's tee shirt, The old London Underground Company and holding a Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority timetable in an article about him in Wired

nottingham tram
Adham on the Nottingham Tram Network could Melbourne be next?

Adham is looking for sponsorship to help him make a trip down under to take on the Yarra Trams 1700 stop network in Melbourne.

One of the operators of the Melbourne tram system is the Keolis group who also run the Nottingham network. ABOVE: Adham setting the official record on Nottingham's NET tram system. The Keolis group, one of the operators of Yarra Trams, is part of the consortium who run the Nottingham Tram Network.

http://www.trilliumtransit.com/images/bus_passengers.jpg Adham does a guest post on Trillium Transit Internet Solutions

http://www.trilliumtransit.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/cropped-jack-pass-library-circle-jarad-petroske1.jpg about The utility of mobile applications

-*- WorldWide Wickens Unapologetically Toronto-centric blog.


Adham does a guest post on -*- Human Transit


Adham Fisher: Rocket man


A CTA racer's summit: Fisher (wearing a t-shirt based on the honorary station sign the CTA sent him)


Adham Fisher, right, and Andrew James, in the Times Square subway station.
New York


The cover from the CD Metro EP