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Allotment Year 2016

  24 May 2016

I'm just about to head off to Stoupa for two weeks with Terry and Jim. Have had a busy couple of days planting out all the stuff I have grown at home and sticking in some random seeds in the hope that they might appear before the weeds.

Decided that I would post these pics before I go and then repeat from the same viewpoint when I get back.

A large [err read this as well fed] pheasant rose from the patch when I approached. Plenty of evidence of a pair of partridge enriching my patch with their guano but also of them taking their tithe in pecked lettuce and runner beans, they have eaten the growing point of nearly every one. 'It's war up here' says Frank.

Leeks, sweet corn seeds, lettuce, dwarf beans, runner beans, peas, tomatoes.

Looking to the right: courgettes, squash and cucumbers. Broad beans and potatoes already established.

Looking down: tomatoes, mange tout, runner beans.

Looking across the onions and garlic to the new plantings.

Courgettes, squash and cucumbers. Poor old broad beans being pecked at faster than they can grow.

  7 May 2016

Having made good progress in April, I have hardly been near the place in May [I'm writing this on the boat]. I do have some nice little plants coming on nicely at home in the cold frame though.

The up view,Frank's bit.

Up view my bit.

Down right. Rake the seed bed to a fine tithe.

Down left.

Broad beans.

  3 April 2016

Things beginning to stir a bit up at the allotment as the weather warms a little. Got all my potatoes in now and have re-planted the onion sets that something else decided to dig up. I'm still plugging away at the digging but even this looks like it will come to an end soon and the compost heap is getting satisfyingly depleted with some really nice stuff lower down.

Now you see him! Frank on his bit.

And now you don't, the up view this time without Frank

The up view of my bit

Down right

Down left, rhubarb and garlic

  11 March 2016

Just taken tw to Heathrow, 28 centigrade in Cape Town, 11.5 here. Actually, this is quite warm as we have just had a very cold snap with morning frosts. Easy digging but the soil very cold. Had to re-plant some of the garlic but it does seem to be coming on well.

The up view.

The up view of my bit

Down right

Down left, rhubarb and garlic

  7 February 2016

Its been impossibly wet since my last post a month ago and this is the first time I have been able to get up there. The ground is still very soggy but it dries out quickly with the strong winds we have been having lately.

Planted 'January' garlic. The autumn planted ones are doing quite well but I decided that I wanted more as we ran out this year well before xmas. Bought the cloves from
The Garlic Farm. Hope I can grow ones that are as good as these. A good few of my others were either my own or from Mr Tesco and were a bit weedy by comparison.

Also managed to dig over a bit more by the garlic patch, soil heavy but very easy to turn over. I'm well behind with my allotment chores I am afraid.

The up view.

The up view of my bit

Down right

Down left, rhubarb and garlic


  10 January 2016

Very warm and very wet winter so far. The allotment field was very soggy when I ventured up there to=day. Leeks, beet spinach, radiccio and endive still harvestable. Rhubarb is getting well on but is gambling that we won't get much frost. Birds all think that it is spring and we have daffodils, snowdrops and anemonies out in the garden at home.

The up view.

Down right

Down left, rhubarb and garlic

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