Son-in-law Ben writes dramatic scripts and short stories and we've been folowing his publications with interest here on cribbitDOTnet. He's getting so much attention in fact that we've added this new page just for his literary exploits. He does do lots of other things as well of course!
We'll still feature him in theBlog but hope to be able to add more detail here.

20 December 2018
Literary Awards.

Ben has just attended the launch party for ♉Singularity and ♉Twisted the anthologies with two of his stories in them.

The award ceremony was held at the Cinema Museum in London and Ben had a great night at the launch and was thrilled to receive two awards for his story, 'Pondlife'. Picking up a joint second prize in the 'Best Story' category and the 'Best Character' award for Janie also in "Pondlife".

Pics that follow are with thanks to Chris Jones and are taken from publicity materials of the event. Use the link to see pics of all the participants and not just Ben.

  Welcome ... to a spooky time

  with twisted and singularity.

  Ben tucks into the severed body parts.

  Good job there is beer.

  The books on sale.

  Reception at the Cinema Museum.

  The audience takes its seats for the awards.

  Chris Jones welcomes everybody.

  and the winner is ...

  Ben Marshall!.








  The award winners.


  Ben with Chris Jones.

AND ... if you don't believe the pics, here is the video:

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24 November 2018

After son-in-law Ben's success with his short film Rock.Paper.Scissors, he has just published two more of his short stories this time in print media [Also downloadable as an ebook.]. You can find his story 'Pondlife' at Singularity and 'Milly and Max go trick or treating' at Twisted.

You can buy copies at:
'Pondlife' on Amazon
♉ 'Milly and Max go trick or treating' at Twisted

Ben tells us:

This week I become a published author with two short stories being published in different anthologies. The first, Twisted Volume 2, a selection of contemporary horror stories and the second, The Singularity, a selection of visionary future tales, leading to the point when AI overthrows humanity . Both light and dark.
A great project to be involved with and looking forward to getting my hands on a copy. The process has been very cool and the book launches in a couple of weeks. With all launches comes a plea to friends and family. To buy a copy and/or share the link with someone who might. I'll even sign it! Get me. For the record, I don't get free copies. Have to buy my own in fact! So don't wait for friday to buy black. Buy something darker today.

twisted.png singularity.png
  Twisted    Singularity

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♉   Rock.Paper.Scissors

3 July 2018
Rock.Paper.Scissors UPDATE!

Back in April we posted news about son-in-law Ben's short film 'Rock.Paper.Scissors' being submitted for possible selection to be part of Impact50's feature film project.

Ben tells us that he is:

'Delighted to be able to update you that Rock.Paper.Scissors has been picked to go through to the final film! I'm thrilled for the whole team. It's among some really fantastic films from all over the world.

There will now be a phase 2 with other films to be added so I may even try to get in another script ...though unlikely we will be able to produce it as it's been a huge, but awesome, task to do the current one. We have also tightened up the edit which can be seen via the links above and below.'

See the latest edit, read comments from others or submit your own comment via this link: Rock.Paper.Scissors, Ben Marshall

17 April 2018

Son-in-law Ben writes dramatic scripts and has recently had his short script, Rock.Paper.Scissors, chosen as a winner for the Impact feature film competition.

He had hoped that someone would come forward to produce it for him but when no one did he decided to do it himself. He enlisted help from film-makers James Skinner (Director, of and Rob Campbell (Director of Photography, of with Alex Cornish ( composing and playing the music. For actors, he turned to his own family with his daughters Maya and Janey and their Uncle Ant providing the cast and his house and other locations nearby in Sheffield the set.

  The film crew.

Ben tells us that Impact provided the project premise of the screenplay which is that a meteor is about to hit earth and the president has just announced there are only two hours left to humanity. The project has just secured the Whitehouse/Oval office permission to shoot the opening scenes there. The rest of the film is handed over to the winning scripts and film-makers. The idea is not to make a sci-fi action films but to stimulate the production of short films which cover the last moments as humanity is snuffed out. Not all entries are bleak, there are some lighter scripts. The main producers then pick the final films they want to be part of the final feature. ' Fingers crossed we get picked!' says Ben.

There are loads of other short films on the site, from 2 to 4 minutes, and generally made by established film producers. It's a global competition so entries from LA to Russia. 'I feel privileged and proud to have my film entered with them.' says Ben, 'We had very little to no budget and I'm very proud of all involved, in particular the girls who you will see were put through it. Janey admitted she was half acting and half terrified by the end - the perfect result.'

Use this link to see the film, outtakes, plot notes and make comments or go straight to the film from the link below.. The idea is that films are given feedback (good, bad...hopefully constructive) so film makers can go back re-edit and re-submit before the final deadline at the end June. So this is still just the current edit.

Best watched on a big screen and headphone even better. Tut tut if you watch on you phone!

Spoiler alert
Here are some behind the scene shots from the filming of Rock.Paper.Scissors

The premise of the film is that two young sisters discover that there is one thing possibly worse than finding out the world may end. Having to wake up and tell it to their drunk and angry father.

  Tell it to their drunk and angry father.

  Too late.




  Setting up the final scene.

  The earth is about to end.

  As the cosmic leaf blower takes its part.