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CribBlog 20141
The first Cheesists meeting of the New Year 9 January 2014

Determined to get out on Cribbit a bit more this year and have several plans afoot so this can happen. Pleased to get out so early in the year, of course this is combined with the first Cheesists meeting of the year and a trip to Dulwich Picture Gallery to see the Whistler and the Thames exhibition, written up at the time in theBlog. All in all a good start to the year.

Decided to stay on my moorings, could this have had something to do with the fact that I was well boxed in by the boat that should have been where Cribbit is moored? Not safe to turn the water back on yet but all nice and warm inside once the fire gets going.

Well boxed in

The end of the Hovis factory at Greenford



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