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CribBlog June 15.
On the hard at Aldermaston Wharf on the Kennet and Avon Canal

Went over to the boatyard for a chat about the work they are to do to fix the fuel tank. They have a new suggestion which is to fit a completely new, plastic, tank on top of the swim in the engine room on the starboard side. This looks like a good solution to me. The original is across the whole stern of the boat and takes in excess of 250 litres. The new tank will be less than half this which means that I should just about be able to afford to fill it. [maybe]

The old gas lockers will be blanked off and ventillated well above the water line which will keep them dry which will be much better than the existing arrangement which I have never liked very much and the old fuel tank the same.

With her on the hard I have taken off the new stern fender [so easy when she is not afloat] and painted the bit that was unreachable before. The only [err slight] problem is that they did not have the right colour paint. That will be easily fixed on my next visit when I shall bring the correct colour.

On the hard at Almermaston Wharf boatyard.

The stern view as you have not seen it in a while.



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