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CribBlog August 16 Jason and Cristina move us along a bit

Jason had the small problem of having his stag do on same weekend as we had planned for the Caen Hill weekend so he asked if he and Cristina could take Cribbit out the weekend before.

They picked Cribbit up at Pewsey Wharf, winded and took her back to the last lock lock at Wooton Rivers. They winded here with some eclat apparently and then returned to Pewsey Wharf Bistro , the pub being a great an attractor. .

Sunday they took her on to Honey Street in readiness for the Caen Hill flighters.

Text and pics from Jason's facebook stream.

This weekend, we're taking the boat out, good old cribbit. Just got to take the train to Pewsey.

Dumped all the luggage on the boat and went to the Pewsey Wharf Bistro for fish and chips (amazing) and loads of beer and pimms for Cristina Russo

Cristina said can we leave the pub before dark so that I can see my way down the tow path and to get along the plank onto the boat. After spending the evening chatting to like minded boaters, we kinda lost track of time.

Good morning from cribbit



Jason driving the boat.



It's sooo nice and such a change from London

Spent half the day cruising in cribbit and have now found a little gem of a village with about 50 residents. There's no shop for 20 miles but there is a family run pub with very friendly locals


We've really taken it easy today as we eat at restaurants close to the river and didn't do any locks so just simple riding and enjoying the countryside

We turned around when Cristina saw the lock lol. It was an interesting three point turn in a boat that is exactly the same in length as the river is in width. Managed to get a round of applause from the locals


Oh dear. Found a random boat free floating down the river. It was only once I went by I realised no one was on it. Unfortunately I wasn't able to tie it back to the bank but the people behind me helped out .

Cristina is worn out after today so she's in bed and I'm out on the deck having a beer and watching the sun set

Having fed these ducks with bread last night. First thing this morning they were quaking outside the window trying to get us out of bed .



That's the end of the boating until next year. What a great time on cribbit


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