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Thwarted plans.           22 April

Spent the night on the 48 hour moorings just across Dundas aqueduct.

The erotic view from my window.

Next day, headed off East for the car parked at Avoncliff but had barely gone 200 metres when the engine cut out with all the symptons of having no fuel. On investigation, found that diesel was leaking from the high pressure injector pump. Decided that this was a job for mechanic James so phoned him and arranged to meet on the morrow. [07931247906 Kelston Mill Marina]

Walked to Avoncliff for the car [instead of boating] and decided to spend the afternoon at the American Museum in Britain at nearby Claverton.

Was able to park the car in the layby on the main road above Dundas Wharf and to my surprise discovered the handy snicket at its Eastern end that leads down right behind the bins on the wharf. Picked up necessary supplies at the Spa at the petrol station on the main road also close by.

Spent next morning investigating the water pumping station at Claverton. No-one there so couldn't go in but the whole site was very interesting. I would like to go back when they have it running again.

The pump house at Claverton.

Water wheel and pond.

Warleigh Weir.


Home with the late spring light illuminating the new leaves.

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