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Even more thwarted plans.           7 May

James did sterling work getting the injector pump and the injectors off and refurbished. Got them fitted, with colleague Chris, and off I steamed once again into the East. Went for about an hour and then the engine cut out again with no sign of life.

Moored up with dead engine [again].

Phoned James again and arranged for him and Chris to come out next monday, 9 May.

Nothing for it but to walk back for the car at Dundas Aqueduct, at least I'm only a 15 minute walk to the Cross Guns from here.

Funny evening at the Cross Guns, as was adopted by 'Zummerset Jim' who regaled me with his whole life story, three times married, ex gangster, ex gaolbird and anger management programme graduate. [Probably with a low grade].

          Sunday, 8 May

Walked back for the car at Dundas and stopped for supplies at the Spa.

On the way had a chat with a couple on the towpath about things boaty, they are on nb Speakeasy and are heading down to Bristol. Check out their boating blog BEYOND BEDWYN...THERE WILL BE SHOPS.

Lou and Mike on nb Speakeasy.

When I got back, stripped the fuel line back to the tank and replaced the crumbly jointing compound, was able to suck fuel into the lines with a piece of hose I had bought to act as a light diffuser. No joy with the engine though so phoned James and suggested he bring a new fuel pump with him tomorrow.

          Monday, 9 May

James and Chris duly arrived bearing a new fuel pump which was obviously too big to replace the original. So they cleaned out the old one, filter looked pretty dire, and re-fitted it.

James and Chris, delvin' in the bilges for the lift pump.

James not liking the taste of EasyStart, used to clean the filter.

Chris modelling handy head torch, ideal for delvin' in bilges.

Moored to the East of Avoncliff Aqueduct.

Time to clear the bilge of rainwater, diesel and fairy liquid.

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