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Devizes to Honeystreet.           16 June

After I left Devizes, I moored Cribbit near to the Bridge Inn at Horton Bridge [134]. This is just about the nearest place to be able to moor both car and boat before the Devizes locks.

The plan was to have a day's cruising with Andrew and Sonia and her parents, Laura and Joe to the Barge Inn at Honeystreet. This didn't quite work out as planned though. We got the crew assembled and the cars in place at the two ends of the journey and then discovered that a large willow tree had fallen down blocking the cut near All Cannings. Nothing for it but to moor up there and then head on foot to the pub abd car at Honeystreet. A [later than planned] lunch at the pub and an unexpected walk.

We get the kettle on for hot drinks. Laura.


Now to get beverages to the stern. For this you need the 'little old man' pink box on wheels.



We are in the top pound, so not much to do except this swing bridge.

Soon moving again.

The sun came out when it came time to walk back to Cribbit, missed my hat so improvised with a large butterbur leaf.