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Miscellanious end of season meanderings .          September/October

Been wandering around without much direction just lately, enjoying the warm and sunny autumn, and the rainy and wet autumn before moving to my winter moorings which this year will be near to Froxfield.

Moored at Wooton Rivers heading West.

Next stop, Pewsey Wharf bar and bistro and a fine pint of Goat's milk from the The Church End Brewery.

Then by car to All Cannings. On the way encountered a meet of paragliders, so many it could have been an attack of winged Nazgul from Mordor.

Walked back for Cribbit via the Barge Inn [official site], Barge Inn [facebook site] at Honeystreet.

Moored on the last spot before the reeds start, West of Bridge 127 at All Cannings.

WP_20160912_15_37_34_Pro.jpg WP_20160912_15_38_15_Pro.jpg
There is to be found this marvellous horse swing. Crafted from a single car tyre.

Wish I knew who had made it, it is wonderful!

Continued Westward as far as the Bridge Inn. Can [just] wind here.

Just as I was about to leave the mooring at All Cannings, the coal and fuel barge arrived as well as an Eastbound craft to whom I offered my mooring spot. Quite a performance as the three of us maneuvered to fill both boats with diesel and to swap mooring spots and avoid more Eastbound traffic.

A good upshot was that the skipper of the other boat, Jo, elected to travel to Horton with me on Cribbit and ran me back to All Cannings to recover my car.

This turned out to be especially good for me as I was also able to offload the old porta potti as well as a redundant barge pole, roof vent and 20 litre fuel can. Their boat is a 72 foot, ex-hire boat so they think they have lots of room!!!

Turns out that Jo runs a tatto parlor and Charli a hairdressing salon in Andover. Not liking pain and having no hair, this information was not of great interest to me but doubtless other readers might find this information useful.

Jo waxed lyrical about the Sunday lunches at the Bridge Inn, although not experienced by me, but as I winded there on Sunday I could smell the Yorkshire puddings roasting in their oven, and it brought back to me memories of Sunday lunch at home as a child, Billy Cotton's Band show on the wireless and beef and Yorkshire pudding for lunch.

Heading East again, leaving the Bridge Inn.

Rachel from the Bruce Trust.

Back to All Cannings.


72 foot loooong.

Moored West of Honey Street, England's bridge, Bridge 126.

Walk back for the car, kingfishers and red hawthorn berries.

Hawthorn berries.

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