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Heading towards my winter moorings in Froxfield.

Part 3.          1 November, Great Bedwyn to Froxfield.

Beautiful autumn sunshine and pleasant cruising but got caught out by the hour change so had to finish off in the dark.

Approaching Church Lock at Great Bedwyn.

Great Bedwyn wharf and the home of the Bruce Trust and their boats, regular 'ships of passage' this summer.

A surprise selfie, can't see the camera controls in the bright sun so took this by mistake.

Sunshine at Burnt Mill Lock, No 65.

Coming up through this lock earlier in the year with Terry, we encountered a boat tied up to the lock bollards below, we asked if he intended to go through the lock, to which he replied that he would not but that he would help us through it. This sounded OK to us but we got on with it ourselves anyway, just as we were about to leave, he appeared, opened the far gate, which we didn't need opening and then vaulted over the style to the public footpath telling us he was heading for the pub. Terry then had a long walk all the way round to the other side to close the gate again.

The autumn light was lovely though not caught on camera.

On winter moorings between Locks 69 and 70.

Moored in the dark, and headed to The Pelican for a necessary pint. Armco shuttering here so well tied up to chains though the herbage is a bit rampant.

When I got to the pub, I noticed that the beer pumps were all swathed in what I took to be fake frost, so commented that it seemed to be a bit early for xmas. 'No' said the barmaid, 'its cobwebs for halloween!' Then I remembered my clinking chains.

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