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Winter moorings in Froxfield.

Nicely settled in now, moored a good way down the moorings as decided that proximity to the pub was probably more important than distance from the car. Couldn't be much closer to the railway line though, and this did give me a surreal experience the other day when a boat came whizzing past me at high speed only to realise that it was the reflecion of the passenger train in the canal that was doing the moving.

I'm moored under the power lines which is better than one might think as the electric company has cut back the trees so there is more light and sky here than elsewhere on the moorings. Also no fisherpeople.

Soon after I arrived, we got the first proper frost of the year so I rushed outside to photograph Cribbit in the dawn's early light. Havn't been quite so enthusiatic about later ones.

Frost on the cut 8 November 2016.

The [almost] full moon at home on 16 November.

Ice on the cut, but not thick enough for skating. 30 November.

So its winter.



Keeping busy on board fitting a new refrigerator, the old one expired through lack of use, and a new counter top and shelves in the galley cupboards. Not much to show for a lot of effort other than copious amounts of sawdust it being either too cold or too dark to do the cutting outside.

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