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Cribblog 2017

   February 14: A wild goose chase.

Got chatting in the Pelican about fish and fishing and was told that the local chalk streams abound with lamprey. I had to admit that I had never seen one and was told that they burrow under the shingle in the stream bottoms. I thought that they were parasitic but was told that they use their sucker like mouths to eat algae, a bit like slugs I thought.

Online searches disclose a more complicated story though. Apparently the juveniles spend their time on the bottom where they feed on algae and other detritus. When they mature, they head for the sea and become parasitic before returning to freshwater to spawn.

They also told me that there was a remarkable spring locally, in Shalbourne that gushed from the ground and was quite a sight. I begged directions and resolved to set of in search of it on the morrow. The weather was so vile on the morrow that I delayed my visit until the next day but for all that it availed me nothing as I could not find it search as I might.

Pond at the bottom of the bridleway.

The underwater concrete structures used to contain watercress beds.


I did come across this anaconda though.