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Cribblog 2017

   March 4: Painting.

Making progress on the painting, have done the ceiling and now undercoating on the walls.

Undercoating, to starboard.

Undercoating, to port.

Looking forward.

Close inspection of the first pic shows multi use of the sink, for brush cleaning and domestic tasks. A complication of staying put on my winter mooring and getting on with the painting has been that I have run out of water. It is not too much of a problem as I have been bringing in bottled water for my coffee and have escewed showers though this has curtailed social intercourse.

I knew that having sufficient water for my morning coffee might be problematic as I was down to my last bottle so resolved to boil up only as much as I needed for a full cafetiere. Was very gratified to find that the remains of my bottle of water was just enough to fill the cafetiere to the Bodem line. Thought that this was rather too good to be true, and so it was, I had only gone and filled the cafetiere from the white spirit bottle!

An understandable mistake. [In my opinion.]

The new battery charger control panel in place. 12 volts on the domestic battery because I have reverted to spare.

Top coat [pistaccio]..but those blue carpet tiles have got to go.

Trouble with a new coat of paint is that it shows up all the other tatty bits that I was quite happy with before.

So..well isn't it about time you did something about that door frame...and while you are at it the tool locker...and the fireplace...

Before we start on that though a short digression. When I had the last Certificate of Compliance done, the inspector remarked to me that the pilot flame on the gas fire was very yellow. 'What I said it has always been like that' hmmm came the reply 'YELLOW BAD, BLUE GOOD, perhaps it just needs cleaning'. So I thought that as I had got it off the wall for painting this migt be a good time to have a go at cleaning the pilot jet. Yes sure enough there was something in the tiny hole which when poked turned out to be quite a large hole and its obstruction was only a small, and well desiccated, spider.


   March 16: Destructing.

New door frame.

Old fireplace tiles removed.

I have often wondered why Cribbit has always had a tendency to be down to starboard despite most of the heavy things being on the port side. Now I know. It's only a 3foot by 2foot by 2inch thick concrete slab that the stove is resting on. That is 1 cubic foot of concrete and that weighs about 150lbs. That is 68Kg in sensible units.

That is 68Kg in sensible units. Or just about the same weight as Bill Gates so therefore worth $90 billion.


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