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Cribblog 2018

   Out of the tent 19 October 2018.

Actually, Cribbit hasn't moved a bit but the painting tent has been taken down. We are all but ready to launch but that Her Majesty's inspector of cranes hath decreed that the lifting bands for the crane are unservicable so we await the delivery of new ones before we can be afloat.

Still it was good to see her in the open air again and looking shinier than she ever will again.





2785.JPG 2786.JPG
Took the stern hatch home and fitted bolts to make it secure.

Outside and already there are leaves drifting aboard.


Turned the stern tube greaser round and replaced its delivery pipe. Hopefully it will be a bit more difficult to stand on and destroy now.

New self draining rails fitted and centralised.

New floor boards in place ... a dance floor says Dave.

Boogie on down!

The boat next door is having three tonnes of steel overplating done ... that sounds like an extra 10cm of immersion on a 20m x 2m boat. [Check my arithmetic physicts ... as the bloke next door was a bit surprised when I came up with that number after he had paid a marine surveyor rather a lot of money to come up with the same answer and I 'just' came up with it in out of my head.] She goes in before Cribbit next week so at least Cribbs won't go all the way to the bottom when she is launched after her.

I am expecting to see a rather large pile of old ballast left on the towpath before they launch though.

Polish welders doing a great job in really uncomfortable [no insane] conditions. Maybe I could have angle grinded over my head lying on the floor at one time but there is no way my sparky old welder with me in charge could have done the job.

They have my admiration.

Oh and BTW I have aready scratched the perfect paint job with my jig saw. [Pics next time as too upset to photograph it to-day.] Beauty is only skin deep!

Three tonnes of steel overplating going on on the blue boat next door.

First scratch and she isn't even launched yet ... what one can do with a jigsaw.

Had hoped that we would be launched today but boat next door is not finished yet.

Trapped behind this boat until they are done ... another week would not surprise.

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