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Cribblog 2019

   April 2019.

Have been oscillating between home and Cribbit quite a bit lately with what seems like the usual painfully slow progress. A real problem has been the lack of water on board so have been hand 'filling' the tank using a motley collection of containers and then decided to go out and buy myself a pair of cheap plastic buckets to use to carry clean water. This has speeded up the operation considerably and I've also brought them inside the boat to 'cut out the middle man' of the tank and pump.

Only snag with this was that one evening as I was getting ready for bed, stepped back and put my slipper clad foot straight into one of the buckets. Luckily the fire was lit so gently steaming old slipper and soggy sock aromas pervaded.

Really stuggling to get the engine going again, the fuel pump is getting air from somewhere which just stops it from filling up.

Just waiting for an unwary foot.

Have however, made some progress inside with this handy little turn buckle to retain my weigh scales. More info about its provenance can be found here: m  Mouldy Oldies

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