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If you have been here before you may need to refresh your browser to get new content. I think web browsers may be using cached material to save bandwidth at the moment.

This page is made up of links to new material as I mark it up ... but we want more! Anything to inform, amuse or entertain or just to let us know you are there.
Please use my email address: cleadbeater@netscape.net to contact me and to send in new material.

♉Lockdown essentials for the tTs in ZA.        16 June
♉From Ben: A trailer for a short film starring Janey.        11 June
♉From Per: SA tidy office.       6 June
♉From Katy: Buzzard   6 June
♉From Chris: Some more scanned negatives and a puzzle, where and when were they taken?        14 May
♉From David: work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion        14 May
♉Mr T-part keeping busy        12 May
♉Chris keeping busy        11 May
♉From Roland, Rhododendron   11 May
♉From Claire: Seven swans a-swimming.       10 May
♉Roger and Susan go to Hawaii        9 May
♉From Eliza, what a difference a day makes in New Hampshire   9 May
♉What sj and her colleagues are doing   8 May
♉From Rosemary, a look around her garden in Banbury   7 May
♉From Val: Per aspera ad astra  7 May
♉What sj and her colleagues are doing   3 May
♉From Katy, around her garden Cannock Chase   2 May
♉Wildlife near Katy in Cannock Chase    2 May
♉Introducing 'Trending'       April 29
♉Pat's robin       April 29
♉from Sam Pepys 1667       April 30
♉The problem with bears from the tTs        30 April
♉The tTs enjoy South Africa Freedom Day        27 April
♉Roger and Susan go on safari        26 April
♉From Liz, her allotment in Oxford April 28
♉The pub with no beer from JasoVApril 27
♉Mike's fluffy 'ducks' April 27
♉Ben's sustainablity 60 second film April 27
♉Added a new neme: There April 27
♉Becky's bees April 26
♉The Isle of Dogs from Mike April 26
♉Roger and Susan go down-under
♉Wildlife from Alex: Claws April 23
♉Wildlife from Elaine: April 19
♉The view from Roland's window April 22
♉Abe's home lab April 22
♉Unidentified sessile object identified       22 April
♉Unidentified sessile object       21 April
♉Alex's car names        20 April
♉Family bakeoff        19 April
♉Macabre humour for macabre times
♉A dusty answer to a problem
♉How to play monopoly and racing demons via zoom
♉The view at Pete's allotment
♉The view at Pat's garden

This is how sj has been working to provide more PPE, click the image for more details 2020-04-04-16-05-29

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These pages are intended as a little light relief from the seriousness that is all around at the moment.
They are intended to be crowd funded, don't worry, I'm NOT asking for money, just something far more precious, your contributions.

It doesn't matter if you feel you can't contribute, just have a look around but please email me to let me know even if that is all you have done.

So please send me things: photos, tales, nicknames, links, anything!!!! BUT PLEASE SEND IT

Please feel free to share the web address with anyone you think might like it! AND encourage them to respond and contribute as well.

I'm putting these pages together rather quickly so please alert me to bad grammar, spelling and non-sequiters .... not that the rest of the website is free from these either.

Please use my email address:
to contact me, I am afraid you will have to copy and paste the above for security reasons.

By the way: I will never publish, give away or sell your email address or personal details.

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