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Val has sent me this video that sums up the idea behind these pages rather well I think. Keep in touch, REPLY. You know you CAN!

Sorry I have no idea of its source so can't reference or attribute to it

Soon after we had gone into lockdown here I was writing my customary daily email to my kids, these are never works of literary genius just my way of keeping us in touch over the large distance we are apart. I've been doing this ever since we got our first email accounts back in 1993 and they do help to bridge the geographical gap between us, sj lives in Amesbury, Massachusetts and tw in Cape Town, South Africa.

Then I wrote this:

well as i told you this morning r has done the week's shopping today ... no flour [of any sort], no pasta [of any  sort] AND no cheap wine [of any sort ... or is she kidding me???]  [this could have been a disaster but that i stocked up well when i could ... but even this may not be enough!!!]

i gather that there may have been toilet paper but i find this a bit indigestible even with tomato sauce and restricted to just 2 tins of toms too ... so not much of a sauce ... but we are A-ok here.

A-ok was a popular expression in 1967 and it originated in the NASA moonshot programme ... friend Doug came back with me from the USA in '67 and once he had arrived he was under instruction to send his parents a telegram to say that he had arrived safely.   [ actually, i think that we may have to send was a cable ... how times have changed]

whatever it was it could only be sent from the central post office in northwich ... who knows where this is ... it's errr was ... somewhere beyond the ICI  'salt flats' ie beyond the edge of the known universe ... as we knew it then ... BUT when we got there the jobsworth in charge looked at Doug's telegram and said " 'A-OK' that's two words so it will be an extra 3 and 4 pence' 3/4p three shillings and four pence ... neither of us knew what that meant so he just paid it!  Come to think of it it was probable just a bit less than the price of a pint!!! [maybe even more]

now i know   [as a parent, friend, relative and sibling] that it was priceless so thanks to all for keeping in touch.

Then I added a bunch of email addresses to the circulation list, because suddenly I felt isolated and in need of being connected. I never meant it to become a daily email but I got so much positive feedback from some of you I decided to continue with it.

I was finding the email format frustrating, I felt it was untidy and in need of hypertext and links to make it more accessible and also I did not want to clog up people's inboxes with needless clutter of no interest.

What I really like about it though is that people are contributing and that is the aspect I want to retain. So we will develop some themes to encourage your input and while the feedback continues I'll keep it going.

I'm sorry but interaction will have to be via email though. The website is not encrypted but I have taken pains to prevent it from being corrupted. This why there is no longer a 'guestbook' option and why I have eliminated all cookies from it. [It gathers no information about you. My service provider, in common with all other legitimate providers, does record visitor ISP records though. It also tells me for how long you have been looking!]

Please use my email address:
to contact me, I am afraid you will have to copy and paste the above for security reasons.

  Writing my customary daily email to my kids.

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