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The idea behind this page is for you to send in pics and/or other content of things you, or your kids have done during lockdown.

The Water Cycle by Janey        30 April

Thank you Janey for this illustrated explanation of the water cycle.


Hi my name is Sophie splash.Me and my friends are in the  ocean  ready to start the water cycle !

We were all in the ocean waiting and waiting  for things to happen .My friend billy blob was so bored he fell asleep! But just then the water was warming up . We couldn’t see the water well . We were turning into a gas . We were going through  EVAPORATION DUN DUN DUNNN  2



Evaporation was scary but I wondered what would happen next  !!

Hello my name chloe cloud  you are going through condensation Conden ……what what .You turned into a gas now you are a cloud like us wa ha haaa.


In the cloud was a raindrop party . 
We were bumping into each other wich made us so much bigger. Suddenly we started to feel heavy.   Then we wobbled. I was wondering what was about to happen . ‘’Aaaaaaaaaaah ‘’,said Billy Blob.

Me and my friends were falling…………….SPLASH we landed in the water ready to start the water cycle all over agen


By Janey R M 5

Family bakeoff        19 April

In this post three master chefs demonstrate their culinary techniques and present their signature dishes. Thank you Maya, Janey and Aiden.

Part 1      They assemble their batterie de cuisine

Part 2      They display their completed creations.

From Becky        10 April

Thank you Becky for the first contribution to this page, which you will be able to see below.

Janey reads her poem 'Imagine'

What might be fun I think would be for them to send a pic of their room and use the interactive photo programme ♉genial.ly to label up the scene. Zany comments, hidden links and descriptions much appreciated. See ♉   for some examples scroll down or access the website ♉here.

I would be especially interested to see where 'daddy' hides his wallet and where 'mummy' hides her expensive jewellery. I am especially looking for a teddy I can kidnap [teddynap] for a large ransom so be sure to show me where the most loved ones are.

My rather pathetic attempt is below and I will replace it with one of yours just as soon as I get one. Also check out ♉   for some more examples

  Click on the image to bring up the interactive version.

And thank you tw for alerting me to ♉genial.ly your interactive pic is much better than mine ... i really like the 'hidden' links and of course ♉bob marley!

AND KIDS your challenge is to find this track hidden in tw's interactive pic below and then to see if you can do one to challenge him .. and make him listen to something YOU like. [But we all love Bob Marley!]

  Click on the image to bring up the interactive version.

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