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The idea behind this page is for you to tell us what you say when you talk to yourself and others. I am an inveterate talker to myself and have lots of different names for myself when I do it. Also tell us about names that you give to things ... like your car, your webserver, your computer or anything really.

Welcome Abe! 22 April

Don't take any notice of what sj says about my covid-19 nonsense.

Abe has foolishly agreed to join some of your covid-19 nonsense. I suspect he wants nothing to do with a recipe chain letter and while he doesn't name cars, he did send this about his computer names:

I used to name my computers after the seven deadly sins. The laptop that people were constantly asking where I got it was Lust, the machine with lots of hard drive space was Gluttony, the computer that runs the laser is Wrath, etc.
Now I tend to name them after machines that help people think, or that perform calculation. Volvelle (a sort of rotary paper calculator), Skeptilith (thinking stone, in bad latin), I'll probably end up naming one after some obscure Llul reference. Zairja is probably going to be my next machine, it's like a volvelle.

Thank you Abe, you have probably managed to confuse us even more with those.

This morning tw confirmed what I had already suspected about his: They are all called goat. Low imagination at present but functional as it’s short, easy to type, and memorable.... Now one of the reasons we always tease him about cheese comes from the morning on Cribbit when revealed that during the night he had dreamed of owning a fleet of canal boats and that each one was named after a different cheese. When we asked did he mean like 'cheddar' or 'edam' he answered No! like green cheese, burnt cheese, purple cheese.

sj has a different convention, hers are all named after boats and things from swallows and amazons.

For the record mine got named when they, or rather their predecessors were at Catslide. The main desk top being topcat and the laptops all being lapcats. My other convention is that i start names for drives and email groups etc with the letter z. This used to make them easy to find but its getting a bit cluttered now.

Car names

Come on I want some server names, car names ... any names ... and the stories behind them.

Thanks Alex for sending this in as requested about your cars.

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Sun, 19 Apr 2020 16:52
Subject: cars

Here I am on my 17th birthday with my present of L plates and a driving lesson in Mum's mustard colour Mini. A nice small car to learn in and I passed first time though it took a lot of lessons which she generously paid for. Didn't help that the instructor had wandering hands and pushed on my knee saying "Clutch" which was exactly what he was doing. I was in the VIth form at school and the eagle-eyed will spot my Prefect's badge on my smock which I hand embroidered with flowers. It was very liberating to be able to drive as other than the school bus there was no public transport to Whitegate.

  Here I am on my 17th birthday with my present of L plates and a driving lesson in Mum's mustard colour Mini.

I was lucky to buy Uncle Roy's Nissan "Sunny" after he died. It was a great car and served me well. He of course had looked after it meticulously and it came with all manner of accessories for cleaning it (which he probably got as Christmas gifts) but sadly never saw the light of day again.

  I was lucky to buy Uncle Roy's Nissan "Sunny".

My current workhorse is my Vauxhall Meriva, going strong after 13 yrs, mostly held together with gaffer tape.

Of course her Meriva has featured on cribbitDOTnet previously, in 2014 to be precise in a ♉   Little Old Man entry.

Peter finally got a Jaguar after pestering for several years which spent most of the time in the garage - weather too hot or too cold or just cheaper to take the falling to pieces Meriva which has thus graced the Ritz car park a few times. I swear it would have been cheaper to have a fully liveried chauffeur to take him to work.

As a reward for exchanging the XJ6 for a much more practical VW Golf, I got him a personalised number plate (mostly so he would remember it and not phone to ask me) I rang to inform the insurance company of MR 54 (year he was born) POD which was repeated back in an Irish brogue as Mike Romeo 54... Peter O’Donnell, so seems to work!

Roy and Iris always had names for their cars and I think we probably bought every one of them as they became available when they updated.

My first car used to be Roy's ...AVU after its number plate, then we got the A35 van ... NIMBUS ... that did the rounds of the family alex bought their Datsun and asked them what its name was they told her that it didn't have a name but that 'we just call her 'SUNNY'' ... and Alex has shared her stories about that above.

  Nimbus, A35 van with side windows fitted.

When I returned from the USA in 1967, Doug and I went on a road trip on the continent in Nimbus. We visited his relatives in Rome who were extremely taken with Nimbus and walked round her exclaiming 'bella macchina!, bella macchina' and so she was. We blew a cylinder head gasket on the autostrada near Milan but luckily I had a spare in the back, packed for just such an emergency and we soon had it fitted on the hard shoulder.

  Doug and I.

Periodically we met up with my family, touring with their caravan. Here we are all together, Nimbus, caravan and tent, probably in Annecy.

  Here we are all together, Nimbus, caravan and tent, probably in Annecy.

I'll try and remember the names of some of my other vehicles but I had so many old rust buckets and few of them survived long enough to be sufficiently loved to have a non-derogatory name.

Our family car when I was a kid, was an old Austin 7 and we called that ALGY then dad started to get company cars which were never graced with a name except he had a succession of marinas which he always said were well named as their boots were always full of water.

\ After AVU I went to the states and had two cars there, the first was the best and I bought it from Bill Motsco and it was called 'THE GREY GHOST' then i bought a small fiat which was nothing but trouble but Donato used to laugh at me and taught me some of the only Italian i know 'Fiat a fiac a mio' 'my fiat is weak' so I used to call it FIAC.
Back in the UK I had the use of NIMBUS for a while before returning to the States where bj and i had 'THE COUNTRY SQUIRE' a large ford estate ... friend Pantelis had a ford galaxy which he always referred to as 'THE UNIVERSE' 'cos it was so big.

Back in the UK there was 'THE FLYING BANANA' a beat up old panel van, we had 'OMA' in Brighouse, 'THE LIMO' in Bae Golwyn and of course the 'BOND BUG' a 'sports' three wheeler. Now i've got 'EPIC' and i've missed out a lot because i have forgotten them.

I think there is a story about how my 'BOB' [aka 'EPIC'] got named after your 'DIRTY BOB' tTs ... though mine's name is 'EPIC' whatever you call it!!!

From the tTs
ARGI was one of the land rovers, the other had a similar name but I can’t remember it. But this always means that it was “normal” to name ones cars.

We have “DIRTY BOB“ at the moment, initially inspired by the number plate being CA 80869, but more readily because we only wash him when we leave him at the airport parking with free valet.

Cv-19 of course scuppering the latest trip so its over a year since he was washed, and plenty of trips into the dusty Cedarburg since...

Talking to others sent in by shirley and ted via val

Just be careful because people are going crazy from being in lock down!
Actually I've just been talking about this with the microwave and the toaster while drinking coffee and all of us agreed that things are getting bad.
I didn't mention anything to the washing machine as she puts a different spin on everything.
Certainly not to the fridge as he is acting cold and distant.
In the end the iron calmed me down as she said everything will be fine, no situation is too pressing.
The hoover was very unsympathetic...told me to just suck it up, but the fan was more optimistic and hoped it would all soon blow over!
The toilet looked a bit flushed when I asked its opinion and didn’t say anything but the door knob told me to get a grip.😬
The front door said I was unhinged and so the curtains told me to ........yes, you guessed it 😝.....pull myself together!

What I call myself by chris

Actually, i've been thinking about names quite a bit lately, teaching school you come across quite a lot of remarkable ones, though I think my mother may have saved a child from a life of school ragging by dissuading the mother in the next bed to her when she had alexandra [aka nib] from going ahead with her planned name for her firstborn.     Probably it would not have been a good idea for mrs pye to call her son simon.

what has been on my mind though is what do you call yourself?
i am an inveterate self talker to, there must be  a word for this but i talk to myself all the time.   Sometimes i call myself by name too ... probably i use 'christopher' the most but i have plenty of others determined by my level of exasperation with myself.  there are several variations of christopher ... 'cristophoro' .. 'cristophoro colombo' ... 'cristos' [this is my greek name] .. and probably more ... sometimes i am 'cristofoureyes' and 'mr loddlybeetle' appears on occasion ... also depressingly often so does 'stupid boy'

 cvlog nicknames

Tell us your nickname, why and how you got it.

Sleepless night time cogitations got me going about nicknames ...  so come on ... send me your nicknames ... and why you got them ... mine over a long time, in different contexts, have been:
wetleg, wetty, ledders, nailer, rocket rolf, moon, 'guv ...

I did think about Ransome's Swallows and Amazons in this context ... the baby's nickname is Vicky ... 'cos she looked like Queen Victoria ... can't remember her proper name nor why titty was called titty ... though there is a good story around why 'our' titty is called titty and not 'bone egg' as he might have been had his ability at billiards not been so great.

So come on you nicknamers ... 'fes up ... rosemary admits to being called 'jutjaw' by her PE teacher, what were you called and why???  [I can blush so come on]

Thank you Ann for this wonderfully honest revelation!

Regarding nicknames, to be honest I can't remember many nicknames over the years but I do remember one when I was at school !!!!! I think I must have been around 12 or 13 and the nickname was "Buttons" !!!
I was nicknamed Buttons by some of the boys in my year which I don't mind telling you was a source of great embarrassment at the time. I was a "growing girl" at that age and my school shirt had begun to get just a little "tight" across the chest. Then one day in a maths lesson I suddenly realised that some of the boys sitting over to my left were far more interested in me than anything the teacher was offering ! They seemed to be passing around the "nod" to all the other boys !!! ...."Look at Ann nod nod wink wink" LOL !!! As I recall I was leaning back with my elbow on the desk behind me so there was maximum "stretch" on my "button band" !!! The boys were looking of course because "from a certain angle" they could see my pink bra (at least I hoped it was just my bra) !!! Perhaps pink was not the best choice of colour to be wearing under a white school shirt but hey, I thought it was the height of fashion at the time ha ha. Anyway my gaping shirt earned me the nickname BUTTONS ! which I don't mind saying made my cheeks flush every time I heard it LOL.

Well having confessed my deepest darkest secret Chris I'm off to bed.

from per:
As for the nickname – you know, we Norwegians like long names, and don’t really do nick. I sometimes call Marit “Margot”, but it’s meant to tease 😊 Some of my friends called me “Per Plen” for a while. Plen, meaning lawn, I had (have) a fetish for lawnmowing, and have had a few garden tractors over the years… Our youngest once said “I don’t think the grass, benefits from that…” as I started up mowing for the fifth time in a week.
Take care Chris, say hello to everyone. I am so sorry that I cant see you all as soon as I wanted!
All the best from Per Plen!

Ahh per, this summer on cribbit when I asked why you liked peroni beer, you said it was because it was named after you ...  glad we weren't drinking corona.

from allan:
I have had a number of nicknames over the years, some of which you may know.  In fact you may know of others that I have never been privy to.  If so, perhaps you’d better keep them to yourself for now.  Anyway, my contribution is as follows:

I was known as Penguin for a while at school.  I think this is because I walked like a Penguin at the time.  I am never called that now, so I must have managed to correct my walking style somewhere along the way.

My grandfather called me ‘Squib nut’ when I was a child.  I have never found out what a squib nut is supposed to be or what characteristics I had as a child that brought one to mind but I am sure it was a term of endearment as he always said it with a smile.  I think he also called my mother that when she was a child so I guess squib nuts can be both male and female if they are young enough.

At work for a while, I was known as ‘Zut’.  This was abbreviated from the French term ‘Zut alors!’  I am not sure where that came from as nobody who called me that was ever French.  It may well have had something to do with the way I dressed down one Friday in the office.  Anyway it stuck for a few years.

I was also known for a while to my parents and perhaps others as ‘slow loris’.  I’m not entirely sure why. Perhaps because of the slow loris’s venomous bite(?)!  Or more likely because of a reluctance to get out of bed in the morning.  Anyway, I think they were calling me that covertly, for a some time before they let it slip.  I have to admit I was offended when I found out and made a bit of scene, so they are careful now never to use that name for me when I am within hearing range.

Hong Kong seems now to be a relatively easy place to be at the moment, compared with the U.K. and other Covid-stricken places.  We have never been in lock-down here, though for months we have been on high alert with lots of increasingly strict measures in place to control people’s behaviour.  After the protests last year though, it just feels like another crisis in a series.  One wonders what will be next.

from jordi:
the only nickname I respond to is “mummy!”  and the exclamation is obligatory.
Me and the spawn are safe and socially distanced from the world.
Love to all
Mummy! & demon spawn 

from Tom:
I was given my one and only nick name at primary school and it held until my early twenties then just faded away, I was know as Pimple no explanation required.

ahhh tom thanks for this!!!  i have so much empathy with you on it ... i was likewise afflicted ... whoever would want to be a teenager again ..  at least it wasn't as bad as a friend of mine who was called 'crater face' ... oh kids are so cruel.

from doug:
Well now Chris.......
Nicknames, interesting topic.  My first nickname came from my grandma Christine. She would call me two different names, the first was “Doggie”, mostly because of her very strong Italian accent not able to pronounce Dougie.    Only a few of my closest friends ever called me “Doggie “.   The other name Grandma called me was “Ciuccio”, Italian for Jackass. That name has been Americanized into “Chooch”.  Grandma labeled me that because on Saturday’s, I would sleep until the God awful time of 7 AM. Grandma herself, would be up at 5 AM making beds, or dusting furniture, or making home made macaroni. She would say “hey you lazy Chooch, getta outa bad. Get to worka”. Unfortunately, in my neighborhood, most of my buddies had the same nickname.

thanks for this but i had it in my mind that she called you streunz ... i can't spell it ... i wonder who it was then ... 'cos i was with donato at the time and he said 'well you know what it means .... little turd!'

yes i often say 'well now chris' to myself ... a true van expression!!    i can stilll hear him telling me how that in the winter americans were always sure to put on their rubbers!    ..... to go out into the snow

Yes.... she called me that as well.  I have tried to forget it, but it just seems to follow me through life.  💩

ahhha ... no way you will be able to forget it now!!!     it was true love though

from margaret:
I think I can offer the worst nickname ever.
I was born in 1939.  Towards the end of the war there were doodle bugs flying over our house in Enfield. (One missed us by just over a mile.). My nickname was doodle slug. It was given, no surprise here, by my loving 10 year old brother and his friend Glyn.

from pat:
I never had one – the abreviation from Patricia to Pat was nick-name enough – only my cousin Sybil called me Patsy which I rather liked – I think because it sounded rather like Topsy and I had a much favoured doll which I called Topsy and you know that the Topsy in Uncle Tom’s cabin just growed and growed  - well I never did reach any dizzy heights but there was always hope.

but pat, your name itself is a nickname as you were named for St Patrick as you were born on St Patrick's day

from val:
For the record my nickname is Rhino, generally only used by Peter and arrived at when I once told him I was thick-skinned. How’s that Apricot?

from kathy:
I believe my nickname was the Tuft, and I believe it came about when my big brother once described me to our parents as a “little sod”, he was reminded by them that the only use of that word should be when describing a tuft of grass! And after that the name seemed to stick. I think as a small child I was oblivious, and it was only explained when I was much older. It’s strange what thoughts come back to you as you reminisce! It was always a great confusion to me as a small child that my grandparents had been called Flute and MeGirl, all my school mates had grannies and grandpas!

from chris [me] here is a ♉   link to why i was called apricot, also featuring flute and m'girl and 90 year old greatgrandma.   m'girl bit is fairly easy, it was flute's nickname for my grandmother [alice] ... 'my girl'

from pete:
Well mine is FACE...which is completely apt due to my extremely large moon face.
Perhaps Tom wants to explain why we call him Nigel! 

from alex:
As it’s my brother asking the question I feel I should reply as I think it was he who gave me the name Nib, only used by the family  presumably as I was the youngest. I got letters from Chris when he was in the USA addressed to Niblick Von Nibbleswade at Nib Hall which I thought very grand when aged 9.

Nowadays I am constantly turning round if anyone calls out Alex (for boys or girls) yet when I was at Northwich Grammar I was the only Alexandra for about 5 years. Being a goody two shoes I was mortified when an Alexandra was called out in assembly for a detention!

♉   For a comedy show I reinvented myself as Lexa Lea and was pleased to only find one other in Google and thought it unlikely we would be confused as she mainly worked at night in Bangkok...

from rosemary:
ah yes, my PE teacher used to call out, 'come on jut-jaw' (owing to my prominent jaw) when she thought I wasn't running fast enough on the hockey field - just what a 14-year-old wants to hear - they were a vicious lot! Mind you, I loved all sport at school so it can't have put me off.

Anyway, we ended up even - some time later I put a whole bottle of 20v peroxide on my hair and she was horrified at the bright yellow colour (as was my mother). She escorted me to see the headteacher who didn't really know what to say to me.

from kola:
My nickname is FASTLANE, which was inspired by Tom Boyle after I came back to work under your leadership at Newham College in 2006. When Tom saw me, the first question he asked was "How is life in the fast-lane, Kola?" Moreover, those who see me drive also know that I only drive on one lane - you guessed it right - the fast one! I have been stopped several times by the police and my license was suspended once, but I find it difficult to drive at 80km/hr when the road is "begging" me to go at 160km/hr!

from zoe:
well i've been asked not to reveal her primary school one but she adds …. then there was a slew of the normal carrot based nicknames (the curse of a child with red hair)

from ian:
I once heard a very well known QC say that when at school he was known as Becky the Turd. He seemed quite oblivious to its true meaning and assumed - obviously wrongly  - that it was a term of endearment.

Rather like the late Gerald Kaufman who complained  about a decade ago that when he at school [? Leeds Grammar?] he had been the victim of antisemitic abuse. A letter was promptly sent to The Times from a man who said that he was a contemporary of Kaufman at school and also a member of the Leeds jewish community. He wished to confirm that Kaufman had indeed been the victim of much abuse when at school; but that it had nothing at all to do with the fact that he was Jewish.

in the '50s on saturdays  the whole family used to troup into northwich to do the weekly shopping ... and go to the bank for the weekly housekeeping money.  On one of these occasions my dad was greeted effusively by  an acquaintance on the street who said to him:  'how are you Epi' when we got home i asked what that had all been about and who was 'epi' ... turns out it was my dad's nickname at school which he had acquired when his turn had come to read from the class set book, H G Wells 'Silus Marner' and dad's reading had been from when the girl 'epi' got stuck in the coal cellar and cried out plaintively 'epi in the toal hole'   it must have been a dramatic reading as he was know as epi for the rest of his time at school.

On the way home, we always stopped in at my aunt and uncles house where my grandparents lived as well.   Uncle roy always greeted dad with 'Hello leadbeater, how are you?' to which dad replied 'very well leadbeater, how are you?'   in those days we hardly knew people's first names  it was a bit unusual for brothers to use them to each other though.

Mums nick name [in the family] was johnnie and i think dad called her this from the song 'Frankie and johnie were lovers, oh lordy how they did love' if you know the song you will know that it all comes to a sticky end so perhaps not the most suitable choice.

from terry:
I was always called Tigger by the family because I was always bouncing. (Shades of AA Milne!) When Margaret & I met I found out that her brother called her Migger...and there has been a certain symmetry for 50 years! Chris always refers to us as Mig & Tig.

from pat:
Don’t know if this counts as a nick-name or not but here goes:

When I was very young, I must have been about 6. We were talking as a family, my Mum, Dad, me and my Uncle Dan who was my dad’s youngest brother and a bit of a wag, about the arrival of his new baby girl who he and his wife called Julie.

Uncle Dan said that the name had been chosen before Julie was born although this was years before pre-birth scanning and they couldn’t have known the sex of the child. I asked my mum if they had chosen my name ‘Patricia’ before I was born. No, said my mum, Jack (dad) and I were convinced that you were going to be a boy and the name we chose was Joseph Peter. When you arrived we didn’t have a name for you and it was the midwife who said ‘Look it is St.Patrick’s Day today, why not call her Patricia - and so they did. ‘Good heavens’ exclaimed Uncle Dan, ‘ looking at me, ‘You are really ‘Paddy’ the next best thing!!!!!! I was very upset, I didn’t want to be the next best thing and anyway I knew that I was my Dad’s ‘Pride and Joy’ Nobody ever called me ‘Paddy’ - thank goodness.

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