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The idea behind this page is for you to send in pics of where you are. Your desk, the view from your window or something else associated with where you are. It would be really good if it/they also included YOU.

From Per, in Trondheim        6 June

Sending you a new picture of me at work in my home office.
Sorry about the tidiness, I know you disapprove 🤓 but with my chaotic personality, I like my workplace to be without to much disturbance.
I have a picture by Alex on the wall, and one drawing by Oscar-winning Bill Plymten. He made it for me at a party 🤪 Behind me a map of East Sussex, visible to my students.

I’m doing webinars, teaching Microsoft Teams and other stuff in busses communication - for people like me who can’t leave home.
Sorry also for the haircut. Yes I look like my office these days, but the inside is the same old!
Take care Chris, I miss you all a lot and hope that the state of things will change for the better soon, and we can cruise on Cribbit and have fun!

  Per in his [tidy] office.

From Claire, on the Oxford canal        10 May

Hiya Chris
Hope you’re doing well ... Have you seen six geese a laying?
Here’s seven swans xx

  Seven swans a-swimming.

From Jason, in Hanwell        27 April

Jason and Cristina have a regular walk at the weekend that sometimes includes the canal, location of much ♉   'derring do' in the past and before he actually moved here, the local park and of course it ends with a visit to their local pub, ♉The Grosvenor.

Last time they went out this didn't quite turn out as usual

From Mike, on the Isle of Dogs        26 April

Here are a few pictures of sunny London, ♉ ♉ Isle of Dogs 2 links to be more precise: ♉Mudchute park and farm and a view of the ♉ ♉ Cutty Sark 2 links and the old Royal Naval College, now the ♉ ♉ University of Greenwich 2 links from the North side of the river. Very few farm animals outside, seems most of them self isolating as well. However wildlife seems to be returning.
The canary wharf skyscrapers are simply impossible to ignore wherever you are on the island

  However wildlife seems to be returning.

  Mudchute park and farm


  The canary wharf skyscrapers are simply impossible to ignore wherever you are on the island

  Cutty Sark

  the old Royal Naval College, now the University of Greenwich

  Very few farm animals outside, seems most of them self isolating as well.

From Roland        22 April

Welcome Roland [and Kath], good to have you on board and thank you for this account of the view from your window.

I woke later than usual because it was dull with heavy cloud and looked out of the window expecting to see rain.
My garden was dry and the rain water tank was nearly empty as there had been three weeks without rain and the past mornings had had bright sun. The paths were dry and there was a blackbird in the bird bath, the first time that had happened in some ten months since the bird bath was installed. Two pigeons were walking lazily around the lawn eating the new green shoots of the lawn.
Two male blackbirds were watching one another carefully and soon they were fighting and a female blackbird was observing from the top of the hedge. In the field behind our house a lady was tending her stock. As she walked across the field she was followed by about 10 ewes, over 20 lambs a couple of black calves, three heifers and two cows who crowded round her when she stopped and waited for her to give them sweets which she kept in her pocket.
I was pleased to see that there had not been any frost to damage the vegetable plants which are very advanced. I noticed that there was little traffic on the bypass and no training helicopters circling. Enough of watching there are jobs to do.

From Abe        22 April

He also sent the attached picture of his lab (it's very interesting the different terms people use to refer to their workspace). The LEDs are up because he was working on a project with them


  Alex's fighting pigeons

What Alex said about them:

Jenny told me a pigeon had come down the chimney, rather worse for wear, but didn’t have a chance against Leonard their huge standard poodle who swooped in and finished it off in the garden...I expect he will have demolished the lamb bone in no time!
I think we may all be eating pigeon soon...

As for wild life photos, most of my shots are accidental... despite appearances these two were not wooing but scrapping, with one continuously chasing the other, while the other two carried on eating!

From sj

Sent: Thu, 16 Apr 2020 17:14
Subject: Re: not much

Lots of excitement here today, most excitement we've had since quarantine started. We had a big windstorm on Monday afternoon and it knocked over one of the really big pine trees out back (this is unsurprising, the ground is moist, pines have shallow roots, and the tress that are back there are hundreds of feet tall,). The sound when they fall (and quite a number have fallen over the years) is pretty terrifying, this time we got all the cracks and groans without the final crash, because the pine managed to wedge itself in one of the hardwoods on its way down. And it hung there, the hardwood bending under its weight, and in danger of the whole lot toppling over and hitting the house. Worse looking at the angle more likely to strife the house and take out all the windows and send plumes of glass billowing inward than to just fall and rest on the house, so while we waited for the condo association to deal with it, the back part of the house pretty much unusable. The photos don't really capture it but it was looming over us.

So worrisome was it (as it was visible shifting and making terrible groaning noises in even light wind) that I've spent the last 3 nights sleeping on my giant beanbag in the hallway - and being jostled awake every time I hear it cracking.

All this to say that this morning they came and cut it down and are currently hauling it, and all the other collateral tree damage, out of there. As the back yard isn't exactly accessible, they have a giant crane set up in front of the house and are lifting everything over the building. A little disconcerting.

I'm attaching photos since I know you would be enjoying the show, please note the person hooking up the crane line for scale.

  it knocked over one of the really big pine trees out back

  So worrisome that I've spent the last 3 nights sleeping on my giant beanbag in the hallway

  this morning they came and cut it down

  they have a giant crane set up in front of the house

  lifting everything over the building

  A little disconcerting

What I saw on my morning walk

Saw this on my morning walk yesterday. A crocheted rainbow! Children across the land have been putting their drawings of rainbows in their windows. Please contribute some more!



Richard Of York Gained Battle In Vain

Pics and a note from pat

A few pics. enclosed, lovely to see yours and both Sj’s and TWs study pictures. Here are three of mine. Hope you notice the selection of S&A books on the shelf.
That same shelf is my favourite as at the right-hand end I have some books about Sam Pepys, and Gilbert White. I do love books, not only for their contents but often for the fabric of the book itself. As you can see two walls of the study are taken up with books of one sort or another plus a few little treasures – In order to keep the study usable, whenever I have a new book which I want to keep, one of the existing ones has to go - What a decision! One I find very hard.


  More books!

  Pat's desk and a glimpse outside her window

Per has sent me pics of his office, his studio, the view outside and Marit as head of the puzzle department... looks like they have snow in Trondheim.

The pictures (all fresh) are my home office, the voice studio and the view from my office window. Unfortunately I’m still not able to get prescription for new glasses, so I don’t know what’s outside my window – but it looks white. Marits home office has TV and wine and stuff, she is the head of the puzzle department.

  Per's home office, looks a bit tidy to me!

  the voice studio

  It looks white outside his window

  Marit, head of the puzzle department

Now you have joined us Marit let us have a pic of YOU in your home office ... we are especially interested in the wine ... and the puzzles.

So glad it has been a warm sunny day here to-day [5 april 2020], it makes it more bearable so especial commiserations to all experiencing Northern hemisphere winter weather still. Just to cheer you up though here is a link to one of my more ♉   philosophical pages ... but maybe the wine bottle would be a better bet Marit.

Another offfering from sj, her mother's desk and the view from her window

My mother is staying with me at the moment, so her "office" consists of a small table we set up in the living room. Her office window has a slightly better view of the ducks in their "pond". But since they are ducks, they are of necessity blurry.

  Her temporary desk in this time of the plague.

  ♉   Blurry ducks.

sj's, office and the view from her window

Here you go, my office, and the view from my office window. As you can see, we are a good bit behind with regard to Spring. They're off somewhere at the moment by 2 ducks appear to have moved in and have built a nest by the "pond", they will be very upset to learn that this is not a permanent pond, by rather the flood mitigation area, and that pond will go away just as soon as the weather improves. On the other hand it is currently full of frog eggs so hopefully they will eat the lot so I don't have to deal with the incessant noise of the peepers. tw knows how i feel about this.

  Sj's office.

  The view from her window.

Here is a pic from the tTs

Your request for "send me a picture of your home office" got me thinking. First that I could do this, but it wouldn't really explain things. then that I would annotate a photo with the details, but this rapidly got out of hand.

So here is my "home office" in all of its glory (but devoid of real details):
Click on the image below to bring up the active version and then you can:
Click on things, hover the mouse about, find the Easter eggs. As a bonus if anyone can tell me how many memory sticks are in this picture that would be useful to know...

  Click on the image to bring up the interactive version.

All work just stopped on the website ... I just discovered the Bob Marley link above!!! [and you can too but you will have to search for it]

Rosemary at her desk and the view from her window window

  Rosemary.  Click on the image to bring up the interactive version.

  The view from her window.

Me at my desk and a view of the garden from my window

  Click on the image to bring up the interactive version.

  The view from my window.

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