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This page is mostly for me and will document changes and developments in the project as they happen and as I remember to do them.

10 may
added trending ... a bit of a catch all for things i don't otherwise know what to do with! when i first started programming i was warned to never have a 'misc' category in a program front end ... i have stuck to this advice but find ways to circumvent it.

as its sunday i will be sending out my weekly email later. last time i just copied and pasted the cvlog list of new posts but had not expected them to appear as links in the email .... then i got reports that the links didn't work ... well they were not meant to ... and they didn't .. have fixed that this week with a new option for me to generate the email rubric with full links. ♉   Internal link to email generator

28 april
Added There and Growing, where you would like to be and what you are growing

22 april
doing some tidying up
nicknames have now been put into 'self'
i have killed
links, nicknames and website
website ie this one is still there but is now only linked from the lefthand sidebar. To reduce clutter on mobile phones.
i have also made an effort to improve its look on mobile phones by doing a media query and then setting portrait oriented pics to full width, landscape remain under local control and would normally be 98% anyway.

if the width property is omitted it is set automatically to 48% for lanscape, 98% portrait. 6 april
validator does not like the video code ... seems to work so it is staying.

to do:
less frantic colours
remove all the prompts about where to send content
develop a randomiser for funny nemes so their number become manageable ... probably show a page full, randomly selected ... need easy way for me to handle this
find a way to identify new content ... possibly by putting update date on the virus pic on the homepage? Have a slight concern about copyright on sent in material ... usually i fully reference material i use.