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The idea behind this page is for you to send in pics of wildlife around you. One consequence of the lockdown has been that life has also changed for the wildlife around us too. For some this has been an advantage, for others their food supply has completely dried up without untidy humans leaving edible stuff around.

When I started this meme I imagined hosts of pics of fluffy bunnies and yellow ducklings basking in the sun, blurry duck pics as we call them.. [Like the ♉ ♉ goats descending from the Great Orme in Llandudno 2 links, the ♉lions taking advantage of the warm tarmac in Kruger National Park and ♉deer marauding in suburbia.] It looks like nature red in tooth and claw might have been a better title. I'm moving Alex's account of fighting pigeons here and linking to other items people have sent in. But most of all we would like to see your experiences.

From Katy        6 June

Her local buzzard 'just looking' at the chickens.

  'just looking'

From Katy        2 May

Two pics from Katy taken near her home in Cannock Chase.

  Raptor with its prey.


From Pat        29 April

One of Pat's friends joins her on the garden swinging seat. Didn't know robins were attracted by alcohol.

  Pat's robin on the swinging seat.

From Mike        27 April

Thank you Mike for letting me use these pics of fluffy 'ducks' taken in the Lea Valley near Waltham Abbey. From your ♉Friendly Narrowboat Forum post on Facebook.







From Becky        26 April

From tw:        23 April

From Doug:        23 April

From Alex, her fighting pigeons        23 April

  Alex's fighting pigeons

What Alex said about them:

Jenny told me a pigeon had come down the chimney, rather worse for wear, but didn’t have a chance against Leonard their huge standard poodle who swooped in and finished it off in the garden...I expect he will have demolished the lamb bone in no time!
I think we may all be eating pigeon soon...

As for wild life photos, most of my shots are accidental... despite appearances these two were not wooing but scrapping, with one continuously chasing the other, while the other two carried on eating!

From Pat        23 April

I mentioned the state of being bald. Julie’s son Tim, a strapping lad of 31 and a keen cyclist was out the other day exercising on his bike by cycling around the Cheshire lanes. He was suddenly attacked from behind by a buzzard, the enclosed picture shows quite clearly the talon scratches. Tim was able to beat off the bird without any further damage but....Do you think the bird thought she had laid a super duper egg and that Tim was stealing it????

  the talon scratches

From Elaine        22 April

I saw her post about cranes on facebook and asked if I could use it here, then she sent me more pics of other birds in their yard in Florida.

Chris, I added to you requested pix. The first one are the cranes on our front lawn, second is of the nesting blue birds we have, and momma blue bird at our dining room window. The last are the ones from my Easter walk that you requested.

  cranes on our front lawn

  the nesting blue birds

  momma blue bird at our dining room window

  My walk this morning turned into a nature walk. Just walked the streets of our village and greeted with these 2 Sandhills canes and 2 immature ibis.

  Easter walk

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