Jason Lee-Dear    Filmography


Date Media Part Title Director Company
18-19/01/2014 TV Series (Pilot) Paul Housewives and Girlfriends Ayo Coker Rhoda Wilson production
21/09/2013 48hr film challenge Liam (Lead) Bare Knuckles Malcolm Greenhill
31/05/2013 (Paid) TV comedy Driver, Lee Mack Duck Quaks Dont Echo Euan Ducan Magnum TV
26/05/2013 (Paid) TV Soap, sky 183 Head Teacher At Home Abroad Michael Cliff Morris Hireti Productions & Icon Films
27/04/2013 (paid) Photo shoot Male Model Jeans for Genes Laura Pattison
21&28/04/2013 (Expenses) Music video Lead Man Heartbeats Malcolm Greenhill
11/04/2013 (Paid) Music video Thug Olafur Arnald's "this place was a shelter" Michele Turriani
04/03/2013 (paid above equity) Corporate Man in bed Trying Too Hard (Hilton Comdey Shoot) Steve Lucker
06/02/2013 (Paid above equity) Feature Film Teacher Shameful Deceit Microsystems International & Theodora Pr
27/01/2013 (Expenses) Short Film John Ambition Lokmen Chekki Man in Motion Productions
26/01/2013 (Expenses) Short Film Racist Into the Night Josh M Paul HAUS-Productions
20/01/2013 (Paid) Internet Viral Man 2 Promo ad for Sontia Malcolm Greenhill
21/10/2012 (Expenses) Short Film Homeless Man The Last Supper James Cookson
11/10/2012 (Paid) Docudrama (Sky TV) Surgeon and Zombie) Zombie Preppers James Cookson Firecracker Films
September 2012 Short Film (Expenses) Documentary Presenter (Modern England) Created for Norwegian TV2 and NRK Perr Henning Dahl Filmed by PolarNet
23/09/2012 Short Film Nicholas (Supporting Lead) Gallows John Maltby Jam Films
28/08/2012 Short Film Rough Guy Spark Malcolm Greenhill
7/07/2012 Filmed performance Mudhead Dancer The Mudhead Dance Adam James (V22 F-Halls)
29 June to 1 July Feature Film Persontree (Supporting Lead) The Straight Jacket Paul McDowell MI MA MO Films LTD
9-11 May 2012 Short Film Steve Unfinished Hossein Ansari
12-13 May 2012 Music Video Father Andrew Bird/Give it Away Jessica Paliza
4-8 May 2012 Short Film Tommy Combustion Boys Joel Blake
7/05/2012 Short Film John One Bear Gestalt Industries
2/05/2012 Short Film Richard Assisted George Bennett Plastic Fruit Films
29/04/2012 Short Film Bem What Where Ben Smith E6 Films
4-8 Apr 2012 Short Film Frank The Poison Kiss Scarlett Catterall
28/03/2012 Music Video Man in the Umbrella Shop Eporium Carlos Beollinger Visual Dreams Productions
23/03/2012 Short Film Postman Careful What You Wish For Alan Tee SAE Quantum
20-01 to 4-02-2012 Short Film Julian (Lead) Night of Procession Isabelle Rodriguez Moisés Lemos & Isabelle Rodriguez
21-01 to 03-02-2012 Short Film Ronnie (Lead The Wait Malcolm Greenhill
13-17 Jan 2012 Short Film Mr Hophni (Supporting) Wicked Eli Keiran Jones Artswork Media
Sept to Oct 2012 Film Kevin (Lead) Raiders of the Golden Stool Jack Mensah Tigergate Motion Pictures
Nov 2011 Feature Film David (Supporting Actor) What's up with Gary Horace Chan Cyber Theatre LTD
19-09-2011 Music Video Police Officer Britney Spears Music Video (Criminal) Academy Films and Candid Casting
31-08-2011 TV Commercial Background Gala Bingo Limelight Limelight People
22-08 to 24-08-2011 Short Film Premiered at BAFTA Gary (Lead) The Curse of Turan Abeer Adat Central Film School London
14-08-2011 Short Film Zombie Fortuity Mark Hammill LS Productions
17-06 to 20-06-2011 Short Film Nick (lead actor) Blurred Lines Mark Hammill SAE Institute
5-06-2011 Short Film Jeff (supporting actor) Always Again Estel Camprecios Blip Creative LTD
25-04 to 02-05-2011 Feature Film Male Nurse (featured actor) Amina Will Johnson (Co-Producer) Christian Ashaiku (Director) AOC Communications LTD
11-04-2011 Feature Film Croupier (featured actor) Gambler's Debt Horace Chan Cyber Theatre LTD
19-01-2011 Corporate Game Show Presenter (Lead host) Mobile Madness (lead TV show host for corporate production with supporting hostess) Nigel Steer Purple Media
14-01-2011 Short Film 18.35min Actor Sky High Quality and In Good Shape Claire Hope Claire Hope
11-11-2010 TV Live Chat Show Presenter Pressing Issues: The Big Question Tim Kinch Amersham Studios, Bucks New University.
Aug 2009 TV Interviewee Improvised discussion regarding the London 2010 Olympic Games Perr Henning Dahl Filmed by PolarNet. Created for Norwegian TV2 and NRK
November 2007 Radio interview Interviewee Interview regarding the July 2007 floods and prevention Q 103 FM
17-05-2011 Westend Theatre Roger / Frank Creative Unit Showcase Pat Garrett Casting Days
12-09-10 Filmed Showcase Harry Drinking Companion Michael Hargreaves Actors Studio, Pinewood Studios
26-07-10 Play Poetry Savage Love Danielle McIlven Space Theatre
26-06 to 9-07-10 (13 performances) Play Captain Smollett and Mr Hardy Treasure Island Adam Hemming Space Theatre
10-12 to 23-1209 (7 performances) Play Simon Space Christmas Space Show Lucy Frederick Space Theatre
28-09-10 Duologue Sick Boy Train Spotting Adam Hemming Space Theatre
27-09-10 Play Jim Hawkins Treasure Island Adam Hemming Space Theatre
04-04-09 Play Prince / He-Goat Arabian Knights - The Princess and the He-Goat Simon Thompson London Bubble Theatre Company

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