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 Jason NoW!

9 July 2013

Premier of Shameful Deceit

The fifth of July saw the glittering premier of Shameful Deceit. We were there with our cameras but they could only record a shadow of the event when a colourful, friendly and enthusiastic crowd came together to welcome the artistes and production company of the film at its premier performance.

See what we said about it
during the filming and later when we had its release date and what others said about it in the links below.

 My Sierra Leone on-line
 Trinity Magazine review
 Lodafriq Entertainment press conference
 Lodafriq Entertainment wrap party
 Africans in London tv
 Big Circle Media

Links to videos and interviews follow below:


from Big Circle Media

This is what we made of it all

The red carpet, waiting for it all to happen


Some of Jason's fans



Waiting in anticipation

Boncé and Rose

Rosemary and Christina


MC Jazzy Fizzle

In the Hummer


We get the message, 'they are on their way'

Christina, Mike, Joeg and Rosemary

Leaving the Hummers


Being greeted by their fans





Collins Archie-Pierce






Marie Gomez

Jedidah David


Moji Bamtefa


Jason Lee-Dear with webmaster Chris




Jason on the wide screen

Roll up the red carpet...until next time

At the wrap party, thanks to Lodafriq Entertainment

The film stars Lanre Balogun, Theodora Ibekwe, Fatima Jabbe, Yvonne Hays, Marie Gomez, Collins Archie-Pearce, Atto Erick, Ikenna Obi, Moji Bamtefa, Jason Lee-Dear, Helen Gold, Ayo Oyebade and many others.

Directed by the renowned Ruke Amata; cinematography by Nelson Spyk.

7 May 2013

The good news is that Jason is now a full-time actor so we can expect to be seeing a lot more of him from now on. Look out for him in unexpected places too as he has been modelling for the Jeans to Genes charity and will soon be seen on the small screen in a TV drama being made for Sky TV called "At Home Abroad". Jason will appear as the Headteacher from episode 13 onwards. Watch this space for updates on when this will be broadcasted.

Jason can also be seen putting his stunt fighting to the test, when he plays a thug in Olafur Arnald's "this place was a shelter". He also appears, as lead actor, in a music video called "heartbeats". See our JasonAction pages for screen shots from the video.

Filming Heartbeats

We told you earlier about his role in the film "Gallows" and now you can now watch the whole film yourself on YouTube.

19 March 2013

We told you last time that Jason had started filming for Shameful Deceit and now you have a chance to join him at its premier on Friday, 5th July at the Greenwich Odeon iMax.

Get your tickets to join Jason and the rest of the cast from the box office at Eventbrite.

Shameful deceit

The film stars Lanre Balogun, Theodora Ibekwe, Fatima Jabbe, Yvonne Hays, Marie Gomez, Collins Archie-Pearce, Atto Erick, Ikenna Obi, Moji Bamtefa, Jason Dear, Helen Gold, Ayo Oyebade and many others.

Directed by the renowned Ruke Amata; cinematography by Nelson Spyk.

14 February 2013

Jason starts filming for Shameful Deceit (Feature Film for Cinema)

Shameful Deceit is a feature film about a man who cheats on women and eventually abuses his daughter. There are two stories running in parallel with a harsh twist towards the end. We can't reveal too much about the film at the moment as it is still in production. In the film, Jason (Jason Lee-Dear) plays a lead pivotal part in a scene in which he plays a school teacher who has an intensive discussion with the daughter.

Jason plays a school teacher
Jason plays a school teacher

Look out for more red carpet action at the Greenwich Odeon iMax once the film is released and see more in-production pics in Jason recent work.

29 January 2013

Jason has had a busy start to the new year

Starting with a performance on a TV show for Sky 200 in which Jason had to improvise a story with the show's contestants. The contestants having to insert risqué jokes into their performances.

jason lee-dear
Then a new set of

On top of providing supporting work on feature films, Jason has also played lead actor in two short films.

Into the Night

This is a photography/video installation/short film project made up of a series of monologues. It is a portrayal of various emotions, addictions, inflictions and life experiences that have damned individuals lives. It focuses on the dark lives led by its characters.


Another short film which is a fantasy drama about a man who is chasing his ambition in life. Made as an entry to the Reed Short Film Competition about 'Ambition'.

Sontia Internet Advertisement

This is a comedy advert made for the internet and advertising the Sontia sound correction system. Jason enters his flat with a friend who enquires about Jason's new sound system. Jason turns on the system to which his friend says that it sounds normal. When Jason turns on the Sontia sound correction system, his friend is reduced to tears.

Up-coming work

Even more exciting, we will soon have a chance to see Jason on the big screen again in a brand new full length feature film. After his success in Amina, also reported in these pages, Jason has been contacted by a production company and offered a role in a full length feature film which will start shooting in February. So come back again soon to hear more about this.

30 November 2012

On-location stills from filming The Last Supper



The fantasy of the Valentine's meal

29 November 2012

The Last Supper (short film)

Now its our turn to see Jason's latest release as featured in our last issue. In this film 'The last supper', Jason plays a homeless man on the mean streets of London.

The Last Supper from James Cookson on Vimeo.

The Last Supper, Short Drama, 2012

A homeless couple look to share one last meal together.


Pip Henderson
Jason Lee-Dear
David Mott


Jane Stiefel


Bethan Shermer


Rod Bowkett

Written By

Richard Green

Directed, Shot and Edited by

James Cookson

This short was produced for the 50 Kisses Film Competition
It was shot on the Canon EOS 5D with a Canon 50mm f/1.4 prime and a Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L lens. It was cut on Adobe Premiere with additional effects and colour grading done in Adobe After Effects.

23 October 2012

The Last Supper (short film)

After all the glamour and glitz of the Amina premiere, Jason comes back down to earth in his latest film. This is an emotional thriller in which a homeless man and his wife spend a cold Valentine's day wishing they had what others have. The man struggles with emotion to trade a personal belonging to save him and his wife, however, there is a strong emotional twist.

Jason tells us:

Well, having got over the excitement from my film premier on Wednesday (17 Oct 2012), I shot my latest film on Sunday night in which I played a homeless man. The film was set in South West London and is intended for the 50 Kisses Film Competition. I can't say too much about it yet as the film is still in post production and hasn't been released so I will keep you updated.

What I can say is that it was an amazing film shoot and I was playing as a homeless man suffering from starvation.

Although I was not meant to be method acting, on this occasion, it happened accidentally during the shoot as I hadn't eaten for almost two days (due to travelling). This meant that I was very hungry when I had to act begging for food!! Not only that, my shoes had holes in them and with the rain, my feet were cold and wet and so I really did feel the part. So there was real method on set and the director and crew were very impressed with my performance.

18 October 2012

Jason walks THE walk [on the RED Carpet]

Interviewed on the red carpet with Vanexa. Photo AfroPulp Magazine

Now you see the red carpet. Photo Nigeria Showbiz

As reported last time, the film Amina was premiered on 17 October and Jason was there to take his place on the red carpet.

Jason tells us:

"When I arrived at Leicester Square the crowds were surging and the atmosphere was ecstatic. Once I had been accredited and shown my VIP ticket, they conducted me to the red carpet on which one cast member walks the carpet at a time. When it was my turn, I thought, this is easy (I have done a smaller red carpet before at BAFTA), there's nothing to it - little did I know. As I entered the carpet, people were screaming my name and loads of photographers shouting for me to pose for their cameras. So many flashing lights I had no idea which camera to look at as there were so many - but of course I had to pose and milk it!! Then I moved on to the second part of the red carpet to which TV crews and their cameras pulled me aside for a television interview. I have one bit of advice for actors, it's usually some time after shooting the film that it goes to a premier, make sure you remember the film and re-read the script especially when a television interviewers says "So what is the film about". Nevertheless, I was able to give an overview, keep composed and show my excitement. After one TV interview on the red carpet, another camera crew grabbed me for another interview. By the time I got to the end of the red carpet, I think I had done about five or six interviews and I had no idea for how long I was on the red carpet but the feedback was that I looked good and the interviews were great. Wow, what a breathtaking, exciting, amazing experience. Having consulted the Oxford English Dictionary, I couldn't find a word that would even come close to describing how amazing it was to walk down the red carpet and see yourself on the big screen.

On the red carpet with Vanexa. Photo AfroPulp Magazine

Next came the presentations from the director.

Followed by the film itself.

What an amazing film and an amazing cast with such a great storyline. At one point, I needed the toilet (as one does halfway through a film), so as I was just going down the aisle, my big part came on and one of the cinema staff said "OMG that's you, its actually you", to which embarrassingly I asked her to keep calm and not draw attention. Seeing the film was breathtaking and brings back all the memories from shooting it. Strangely, it brings back your character.

My big part came on.

Well what can I say, an amazing script, director, cast, set location and the best film premier I have ever seen. I will certainly aim to do that again."

Then came the after party

At the after-party with Martha

At the after-party with the cast from the mental hospital

The official trailer. Look out for Jason at 0:44 and again at 1:36

Links to more pics and articles about Amina

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-*-Nollywood Watch
-*-Bol Melanie
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-*-Amina film homepage
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8 October 2012

Jason has had a busy summer season with a series of shows in theatre (Class in Session) and several other film roles.

Look out for him in Leicester Square on the 17th October when the film, Amina will be released. In this film, he plays nurse Terry. This will be Jason's first big film and he will walk down the red carpet at the opening for the first time.

Also look out for him in:
Gallows (short film)

Gallows: The police arrive

Gallows was shot in Nottingham, it is a murder and courtroom drama set in the 1960's in which a policeman murders a surgeon's assistant and then conspires with his wife to pin the crime on the surgeon which ultimately leads to the death penalty.

Spark (short film)

A mystery in which a man acquires extraordinary powers but things get out of control when he struggles to control them.

Class in Session - Us (theatre)

Three short stories looking at the ways the world appears to work. In Us, 2 underclass youths kidnap a rich mans wife for the promise of a wealthy ransom but he doesn't appear straight away with the money.

The Mudhead Dance

This is a staging of a live film shoot/performance at V22 Halls, in Bermondsey, London. This ambitious new work is a continuation of the artist interest in 'outsiders', shamanisn, and the fool and combines dance, theatre, Live Art and Live music to create a unique durational performance. Taking place in a raw but incredible 25,000sq ft exhibition hall this new work is funded and supported by the Arts Council England.

The Straight Jacket

Fantasy horror comedy about a man in a Straight Jacket trapped in this surreal world with interesting characters.

May 2012

As promised in our last issue, here are updates about two of Jason's recent projects. The gangster film has shown so much promise that it is now going to be made into a major feature film with Jason in the lead part of course!

Now we can tell you more about his latest film "Assisted". In this film he plays a caring husband of one of two sisters. The sisters must decide if they are to help their elderly father to commit suicide. One of the sisters is single and is keen to assist her father whereas the other is more reluctant.


Jason has been busy on other projects as well!

A music video for Andrew Bird for his single "Give it Away".

Another role as a good guy who saves the day, this time in a comedy called "Combustion Boys" about a team of public servants who operate to save people from fire by providing advance warning. However, one member of the team works out that water actually extinguishes fire, but does anyone believe him?

"One Bear" in which an intruder breaks into the property of a secret services officer only to discover a tape of two agents having an argument. What is revealed from the conversation between the two agents in this emotional thriller.

April 2012

Jason has just completed a short film playing a gangster set in the 1920's as one of the lead actors.
His next short film starts filming towards the end of the month in which he plays, a caring husband. Do you remember him in The Curse of Turan? The new film's working title is "Assisted" so look back here for more details soon.

The Curse of Turan

Jason is currently doing a course in combat fighting for film so look out for him in some even more exciting roles.

And finally, watch out for him in the London Fringe in the coming months.

 The Night of Procession

The Night of Procession