Label maker.

This is the latest version but that it has still not reached its final level of rampant featuritis, further work will depend on the weather in Oakley!

 About the label maker

This module produces labels of diverse sorts for homemade products.

To produce a label, overwrite the label mock-up on the left of the page, press the 'submit' button [or ENTER] and then use the printer option to get a printable version of your label. [You can also save it as as pdf file with the download icon on the printer page.]

You can choose your label font, background colour or background image by overtyping values in the boxes.

For security reasons, you are restricted to just letter and number characters in your labels. If you use anything else, the current field will be replaced by the message: 'Alpha numeric only'.

There is also a limit to the number of characters each line will take, the number depends on the letter, its font and its case with 'M' taking up more space than 'i' and also on the format that is used for the label. [In html, one measure of the length of a sequence of letters is the number of lower case 'm's it can hold. This unit is called an ems.] The image version displays slightly more ems than the plain print version. The number following each line below indicates the approximate maximum number of ems the line will hold, each line is limited to 25 characters. The Times New Roman font is the most compact and will give the most characters.





If you find that a line in the printer version is overwriting its container, move the message to one of the lines with more characters. For example 'Green Tomato Chutney' will not fit on line 1 so move it to line 2 where it will fit.
Once you are satisfied with your content and layout, select the print option below the label mock-up.
The print option will produce a PDF file that you can either print directly as it is or save for future use using the save option at the top of the printer page.


You select text and background colours by inputting numeric values for the colour intensity in the various boxes in the range from 0 to 255. The defaults are black text and white background, corresponding to red, green and blue intensities of 0 each for black and intensities of 255 for white.

Entering values outside the range 0 - 255 will result in the program reverting the colour to its default value.

You will need to enter individual values for red, green and blue to obtain your preffered colours. You can either play around with different values or use the colour wheel in the link provided on the entry page to choose your colour and decode its r,g,b values. The colour wheel link opens in a new tab.

Note that using intense background colours will quickly gobble up your printer's colour toner supply.


The default font is Times New Roman, but you can also have Ariel or Courier if you prefer. Select these by entering: T, A or C in the font select box. Also works with lower case but no other letters are allowed, incorrect entry displays !.

Using your labels:

Cut out the labels and glue them to your jars using flour and water paste, milk, or just plain jam. Be careful with bubble jet printed labels as their ink is water soluble so may run if you get the label wet. Cover with cellotape to keep the ink dry.


I hope you enjoy using this module, and the produce you label with it! I am always pleased to hear feedback and suggestions for improvements, so make a comment on my Guestbook or email me directly at

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