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Light pipes

During the day, the back of our dining area used to be quite dark. As it is under the small bit of flat roof we have between the pitched roof of the original building and the wall of the extension we always had the idea that we would install some sort of roof window to bring natural light into this dark corner. In the end, we decided to fit Monodraught light pipes.

The first job was to cut back the thatch so there was access to the whole of the flat decking. Originally, the thatch was resting on the roof and now it is about 10cm clear.

I'm told that the traditional tool for trimming the bottom of thatch are hedge clippers. Well NOT with ours I can tell you, try chain saw as the tool of choice.


A compost heap worth of straw.

Space for access.

Installing the light pipes

This should have been relatively simple. After all, all that was needed was to cut three holes in the ceiling and the roof deck. Except, well there are two roof decks, one on top of the other with each set of joists going in opposite directions. Somehow we managed to locate three places where the joists gave just enough space to fit in the light pipes.

The view from below: plasterboard, first deck, second deck.

The view from above

Not much space up here

The first one up and running

Now we have two but the second one is without its reflecting tube

All three completed AND the sun is shining

New 'sputnik' ceiling lights as well

All running at full power

New wall light

Outside in the winter sunshine

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