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 Little Old Man Weekly


 Little Old Man Weekly

 In the year 2020

21 June 2020  Netius.

  The [very] tidy bathroom cabinet.

This afternoon, The little old man got home to find Rosemary behaving very suspiciously and discovered she had been busy while he was away at Cribbit ... he had wondered why she was even keener than usual to see the back of him this morning ... with him safely out of the way, she has populated the new bathroom cabinet that took the Little Old Man a whole day to install last week.

Ohhh but it is so neat!!! [nettius even] and she has brought out from hiding the plants she went out to buy last week too.

  The LOM in a blaze of glory.

  Imagine confronting this when you are having your morning shave with your cut throat razor.

17 January 2020  Not guilty ... for once!.


It seems that every time that The Little Old Man goes into the loft he comes down with his hands full of bits of old junk that have been left there over the years. To-day's finds were from behind the boiler and were mostly some useful bits of 22mm copper pipe that once had a use.

Usually he can bring these treasures down undetected but to-day he got caught out. 'Take those horrible, dirty greasy things straight out to the workshop' demanded Rosemary and The Little Old Man hastened to comply. The problem was that his hands were rather full and he also needed the car keys from the bowl on the dresser, never mind he would gently put his treasures down on the dresser while he picked up glasses and keys. To his horror, when he picked the stuff up again he realised that there were smudgy marks on the dresser top. A quick wipe round with the dishcloth did nothing to remove them and neither did a more comprehensive wipe with washing-up liquid.

What was he to do? Well look a bit closer that is what. To his utmost relief he realised that the offending marks were just little knots in the woodgrain and were nothing to do with him at all.

  Horrible, dirty greasy things BUT a big handful for a Little Old Man.

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