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 Little Old Man Weekly

When I first retired and was behaving like a 'little old man', tw used to tease me and complain that I was behaving like a 'little old man'. Together we composed fictitious articles for the press and invented a fictitious magazine to publish them in, the 'Little Old Man Weekly'.

When John bought his first house in Winsford, we went to see it along with my American brother-in-law, Harold. It had been owned by a 'little old man', and was full of handy gadgets and aids to make life easier. Harold was much taken in by this and walked round in wonder. He especially liked the removable washing line pole which had been greased at its bottom so that it slid easily out of its hole in the lawn.

The house had a coke fired central heating system and the numerous, brushes, scrapers, pokers, prodders needed to keep this functioning were all arrayed around it hanging on an assortment of hooks of varying progeny but of appropriate shape to hold each odd shaped item.

Harold commented that it was a very good idea to buy a house from a 'little old man' as you could be sure that it would have been optimised for easy living.

Rosemary bought her house in Witney from a 'little old man' and that was just the same. It even had wiring, bell push and electric bell in place to enable the 'little old man' to be imperiously summoned from his garden shed at the whim of 'her indoors'. Don't expect to be seeing a design for one of these anytime soon.

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