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 In the year 2019

1 February 2019

Snowing today so writing a blog post and watching the big flakes fly by my window. The observant may have noticed that there is a new option on the website home page, I'm rather pleased with this and I've been trying to check it each time I look at the page.

What it does is serve up a random file from the webserver, I like it because I can check that things are working ok but I am also enjoying seeing posts long forgotten. The option selects files from the whole website, not just those linked through the right hand oldie column, so it often jumps into the middle of a thread and not at the start like the oldie column links.

I'm repeating the link here:

Random Link

This option generates a link to a random file on the web-server. Click on the link to run it.


14 January 2019
Dudley Canal.

Back in December 2013 tw and I did an xmas walk along the route of the derelict Dudley Canal also known as the Lapal canal from its junction with the Worcester and Birmingham Canal to where it disappears underground in a thicket of briars just beyond the ruins of Weoley Castle.
Back then the area around the Worcester and Birmingham Canal had just been cleared for development so we could have a good poke about. This Sunday we had a little light shopping to do so went to the brand new Sainsbury store and of course had to have a quick look at what had happened to the canal in the meantime.

  The road bridge tunnel to the park.

This is what it looked like in December 2013.



  Where the canal one day should join back up to the Worcester and Birmingham Canal

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