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Part 2b The international guests arrive and have a look round.              Previous      Next

Tw's parents arrive.

Tanya's parents arrived first and went on a safari. Next day, cj arrived on the early morning flight and was taken home for lunch where he saw tw's specially constructed and designed flat pack climbing sofa. It converts their bouldering mat into a comfortable little sofa and it all packs into the back of their car.

thumbnail2.jpg thumbnail2.jpg
Flat-pack bouldering soafa.

Then it was a matter of collecting necessary supplies for the self catering accommodation like beer and braai meat before heading to the airport again to pick up a-m.
On the way cj asked if there was a camera shop nearby where he could buy a bigger memory card for his camera. He had not been able to do this at home as all his sources had claimed that it was an obsolete type specific to Olympus and Fujitsu. Not really optimistic about this but decided that it was worth a try at least. Asked one of the guys serving in the shop who said straight away that the type was obsolete and the only way to get one was if one could find it second hand. When asked where one might be able to do that he replied that it just so happened that he was selling one on behalf of a customer AND that he just happened to have it here in his pocket.

Slipped it into the camera and for the most exciting pic of the whole wedding.

The view from the camera shop.

Then in the midst of all this, the tTs had to suddenly rush off into Cape Town to sort out a last minute hitch to their wedding arrangements. [No stress.]

In the evening tw prepared a brace of potjies, a veggie one with fried aubergine and a meaty one with hartebeest. Tanya made a bobity for our evening meal. [All new foodie experiences for us]

Tw prepares a meaty potje with hartebeest.

A veggie one with fried aubergine.

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