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Part 7f: Heading home to the UK.              Previous      Next

Wednesday 11 April: We finally, actually do go home! Phew!.

Quite a lot of last minute things to do before heading off to the airport. All of us going in different directions, Anne-Marie packing and coffee at the local coffee house, Tina, Jerry and Tanya on a mission to the Table Mountain cable car and cj and tw to UCT for a seminar on Super symmetry at the LHC.

Queues for the cable car were too long so ...

... coffee and the beach instead at Camps Bay.






Cj and tw to UCT via an outdoor shop in a search for cast iron potjie. Only a 1/4 size one was available so bought it and a cast iron bread 'tin' as well.

Had a little spare time at UCT before the seminar so was able to have a quick look at some undergraduate experiments that I had not seen before. Loved the cast iron stand supporting the umbilical cable for the gamma detector, it could have graced a palm court.

Very impressed also by the old hand crafted electro magnet still splitting spectral lines to demonstrate the Zeeman effect but now for the benefit of a CCD detector.

Then off to the seminar given by Dr Sarah Williams, University of Cambridge: “New results from electroweak SUSY searches using the ATLAS detector at the LHC”.

Low background gamma ray counting facility.

Loved the cast iron stand, it would grace any parlour.

Still splitting spectral lines.

Dr Sarah Williams: “New results from electroweak SUSY searches using the ATLAS detector at the LHC”.


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