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Part 9: Acknowledgements and links.              Previous

Thanks to all who have shared their photographs but especially to Gregor who's stirling work is much appreciated. A marathon of filming and post processing.
A clickable list of most external links is provided below.


A pic of Gregor setting up his camera for a delayed shot. Posted with our thanks as he seldom appears in his own photographs. [well not all of him anyway]


Not quite all of Gregor but all of the rest of us.

Part 2a: The Huttons go on safari.

mInverdoorn Private Game reserve
m m m Zebras 3 links
m m lion 2 links
m m m giraffe 3 links
m m springbok 2 links
m m m hippopotamus 3 links
m m m Cheetah 3 links
m m African buffalo 2 links
m m ostrich 2 links
m m m m m Elephants 5 links
m m m Rhinoceros 3 links
mWarwick Tarboton website Nature photography
mJane's website Nature films and photography

Part 2b: Tw's parents arrive.

m  Bobity recipe

Part 3, 4: Prelude

mCurculigo pilosa
mThe Blue Butterfly The wedding venue house
mWelbedacht Reserve The wedding venue
mTulbagh Tourism The nearby town of Tulbagh
mTulbagh The nearby town of Tulbagh
m m m zebra 3 links
m m wildebeest 2 links
m m springbok 2 links

Parts 5, 6: Wedding

Well we were warned that there would be no connectivity there.

Part 7: Heading home

Part 7a: Leaving Tulbagh.

m m m Bain's Kloof Pass 3 Links
m  Our visit in 2017
m m Babboon 2 Links
mSpice Route wine estate.

Part 7b: Kirstenbosch Gardens..

m m Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens 2 Links
m  last time we were here
mcanopy walk
m m Cycads 2 Links
mEncephalartus horridus
m m m Gardenia thunbergia 3 Links
m m Hadada Ibis 2 Links
m m red-eyed dove 2 Links
mspider wasp
m m m Swee waxbill 3 Links
m m Egyptian geese 2 Links
m m strelitzia 2 Links Bird of paradise flower,
m m Baobab tree 2 Links

Part 7c: The Huttons and A-M to Hout Bay.

mcraft market
mHarbour View Restaurant
mKalk Bay
mHout Bay
m m m Cape fur seal 3 Links
m m African penguin. 2 Links

mHarbour View Restaurant
m m yellow tail. 2 Links
m m Kingklip 2 Links.
Constantia Glen

Part 7e: Cj and the new Leadbeaters to UCT.

Part 7f:

mCamps Bay
mZeeman effect
mseminar given by Dr Sarah Williams


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